Stephen F. Austin

Information about "The Father of Texas" and his colony.

Stephen F. Austin

Stephen Fuller Austin- also know as the "Father of Texas" was the son of Moses Austin, his father always had a dream of leading settlers into Texas, but while he tried to lead his plan into action, he died. Stephen F. Austin took charge of his father's mission and successfully brought a colony of 300 families into Texas.


Austin's settlement was located in between the Brazos and Colorado rivers, so Austin decided to buy/make a boat that could carry settlers to the settlement, it was named the Livily, but one day it was found missing, it had sailed down the mouth of the Colorado river rather that down the Brazos, soon they found out it had exploded in Galveston TX.

Facts about Mission

We did some research and found some facts about his colony:

-His plan for a colony at first was thrown into turmoil because the Mexicans were declaring independence from Spain

-Being the impresario, Austin himself would gain 67,000 acres of land for every 200 families he introduced into Texas

-By late 1825 Austin had successfully introduced 300 families into Texas

-Originally many people had declined the offer to join because there was a 31-cent fee, even though in the rules of making a colony settlers weren't required to pay

-Austin would only allow people who were hardworking and honest

-He had arranged a ship called the Livily to carry some of the settlers

-He later lost the Livily

There is a picture of the Livily below

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Facts about Austin

-Austin found out that the Livily had gone down the Brazos instead of down the mouth of the Colorado, then later found out it had exploded in Galveston

-He earned a seat in the Territorial Legislature at age 21

-Studied law in New Orleans

-Later became a judge in Arkansas

-Found out about his father's passing when he had reached Louisiana


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