Hi, my name is Sally Farnick.

I want to let you know about ALL of the wonderful specials & promotions happening at doTERRA this month.

If you do not know me personally you will know one of my team members:

Nancy Gray, Tonya Heft, Stacey Chenault, Mary Gadd, Kate Gadd, Stephanie Wyand, Jennifer Hecker, Sherri Benedict, Carol Condon, Lisa Lehman, Anna Ervin, Amy Conrad.

I don't want you to miss out on anything!


10% off of Juniper Berry all month

Product of the Month is Fractionated Coconut Oil

Sunsational Flavos Promotion

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There are 2 personal promotions from our Leaders in doTERRA

Melissa King's FB page: One Drop Can Change Everything

Melissa is offering an additional special for LRP orders run by the 10th!

Place a 200PV order by the 10th and not only will you get the summer specials from doterra but you will be entered into my drawing!!

My summer Kit giveaway is a FREE Helichrysum, Lavender, Terrashield and Peppermint! Along with a Spray bottle.

You must reply to the post on her FB page.

IF you are not on either of these FB pages, I will be happy to add you.

Please text me at 614-404-3439 OR email me at sally.doterra@gmail.com.

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Jared is so inspirational to me. He is a man of character that leads by example. I am also including a shore video clip so you can meet the man.

I hope you take advantage of the FREE OFFERS.


**HUGE oBundance June Giveaways!!**

I want to see as many Wellness Advocates as possible be successful, and I know what it's going to take for that to happen........... which is being CONSISTENT. I don't want anyone to lose any momentum that's been created. I also want to reward customers for taking action, as well as reward those that are giving to Healing Hands.

Here's what we're gonna do.......................

We're going to have drawings/giveaways for doing certain things. Here's a breakdown of the various actions, along with what we're giving away for each. By the way, each item is a separate giveaway, so there will be A LOT of winners. And of course, there aren't any losers. Everyone, either grows their business or donates to charity. Win-Win!!

1. Process your LRP for at least 100pv by the 15th = 2 (15ml) bottles of Frankincense.

2. Add a Healing Hands Rose Lotion to your order (remember, all $20 goes towards Healing Hands & it is tax deductible) = 2 Family Physician Kits, AromaTouch Kit.

3. Check the box that says “Check this box to donate $1 to the
dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation" in your shopping cart
= 1 (15ml bottle of Frankincense, Intro Kit (Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint), Deep Blue (5ml), AromaTouch Kit.

4. Host a class for the FIRST time (w/ at least 6 people) – 2 bottles of Frankincense, 1 intro kit, Reveal Facial System, 1 DDR Prime, 1 Triease, $100 cash.

5. Process an LRP order of 200pv or more = Not only will everyone be getting the Sunsational Kit with Spearmint, Cumin, Tangerine & Dill from corporate's June Promo, but we'll also be doing giveaways for 3 of the new “The Essential Life” books, 2 AromaTouch Kits, 1 Family Physician Kit, Slim & Sassy Capsules, Deep Blue Polyphenol Blend.

6. Host 2 classes in June = 1 Convention ticket, Family Physician Kit, Frankincense,

7. Sign-up 3 people in June (personally enroll) – 1 Convention Ticket, 2 “The Essential Life” books, 250 business cards (2),

8. Sign-up 5 people in June – 3 Convention Tickets, 500 Business Cards (3), $100 cash, AromaTouch Kit, Helichrysum

9. Setup a weekly mentor/accountability call with someone – Reveal Facial System, 250 business cards, 1 “The Essential Life” book.

10. Post why you love doTERRA? or How it's changed your life on our oBundance Facebook page = 1 bottle of Sandalwood, Immortelle, AromaTouch Kit.

11. Post on your own Facebook Timeline – why you love doTERRA, an experience, what it means to you, or what it's done for you. = 1 “The Essential Life” book, In-Tune, On Guard, DDR Prime.

The way this needs to work is:

1. This is doTERRA. We're on the honor system. If you're new to doTERRA, please figure this part out, and what we're trying to accomplish with our culture. Just be honest.

2. You need to go to https://goo.gl/rKqo9R and fill out the form by the end of the month. Whatever questions you mark a "Yes" to, you'll be entered into that particular drawing.

3. We will draw for prizes on July 2nd.

Make it a great month!

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