John Updike Going Downhill

A Career That Could Disappear

Taking A Hit

John Updike, one of the most famous baseball players of all time, has been off his streak lately. For the last couple weeks, he hasn't been hitting nearly anything and his fans are catching this. During the past few years he has been known for hitting numerous home-runs and is also recognized for his great pitching skills. In several recent games he hasn't been able to contribute to the team and in fact, they've been losing back to back. Many fans are beginning to feel disappointed as they watch their favorite player perform. Could this baseball player's career be falling apart?

Word Around the World

The Talk

Updike has gained many fans so far in his career. Many of them have been saying that he's lost the feel for it rather than skill. Some still believe that he can recover greatly from his slump. His coaches have also been stating that it may just be his reflexes affecting his game. There are others that claim that John just isn't hungry enough. He has responded to this yesterday afternoon saying "I still feel hungry, only now it's a kind of panic hungry, and that's not the right kind." Speculations that there may be many personal conflicts going on in his life are rising more and more.