High School Hazing

by Hank Nuwer

the authors purpose

Hank Nuwers purpose for writing his book High School Hazings, was to show the world what was really happening to the schools and teenagers. another purpose is to stop the hazings before they happen and call the authorities. the book also tells you that the hazings that do happen can be very dangerous and stupid for no reason. the book, High School Hazings would persuade people and me to be more careful about the clubs i join and who i would be friends with.

the 3 concepts

A. the concept of hazing is for the older members to show that they have authority over the new members of the group. one way of showing authority over the new members is to tell them when they enter to do something totally pointless and ridiculous.

B. the principles of hazings are to show that what ever we say you have to do it or you are the main target until you submit to the hazing.

C. some techniques are pointless for hazing its just to get the new members to do what they want. one way technique is how to spot one and report it.


P.G 62 section - Hazed Rookies Couldn't Complain. some of the professional sports teams rookies would not call the authorities on the hazings, becuase they felt that they have earned a place on the team. after the rookie has survived the hazing the person feels more welcome and cant wait to show authority over the newer rookies.

book rating

i give this book a rating of 4, because this book is only specific to the people who want to be super careful about clubs and sports. the book also targets the more willing people who want to avoid these people and clubs all together.

passage 1

High school rituals are normal and can sometimes be accepted by high school teachers. i choose this passage becuase some of the high school rituals are not so violent to perform that schools do approve of the "Hazings"

passage 2

peer pressure get to everyone and can be very bad in certain situations. if someone is being peer pressured into a hazing by classmates or team members its time to tell a teacher and get the right help. i choose this passage, because i have myself have been peer pressured into doing something we don't want to do.


the most surprising thing about this book is that it says, almost all schools "haze" at one point or another. it is surprising to know that most schools are like this, because the schools i have personally have gone to did not seem to haze in anyway what so ever. the hazings are very hard to tell when or where they will take place, becuase no on knows what will happen or how. it is also alot harder to spot, becuase not every hazer reports it to the authorities