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Here at Asgari Law Firm, we strive for our clients to understand all of the civil law vocabulary.

The Plaintiff is the prosecution, or the person who is suing.

The Defendant is the person who is being sued.

A Complaint is a declaration stating the facts about a case, it names the plaintiff and defendant.

A Summons is a document telling the defendant of the suit against he/she and orders him to appear in court on a certain day and time.

A Pleading is a formal, written statement stating the party's claims for the other party.

(the complaint and the answer together)

The Pre-Trial Conference is when the judge might have both parties in a meeting to help clarify differences and prepare for the actual trial.

Mediation is a way of solving disputes between the two parties with concrete effects, this is accomplished with a third party that is neutral.

Arbitration is another form of resolving that avoids settling in court. A third party reviews the case and makes a decision that is usually not appealed.

The Trial is usually composed of 6-12 jurors and a judge. The judge may hear the case alone.

The Preponderance of Evidence is when the plaintiff has the burden of proving the facts and claims that are asserted in his complaint.

The Verdict is simply just the decision made by the jury.

An Appeal is when a party from the past trial demands to take the case to a higher court. The highest court in the U.S is the Supreme Court.

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