Contest Winners

Congratulations to all the Celebrating Art Contest Winners!

Meadowbrook Art Deparment is proud to announce that your son or daughter has had their artwork accepted in the Celebrating Art Contest.

If you are wondering how this contest works I will fill you in. I photograph artwork for every student in grades kindergarten through sixth grade and upload them into the Celebrating Art Contest along with hundreds of other schools throughout the entire United States . Note, that many of the schools are art schools and art studios and we are an elementary school. The competition is very selective and less than 25% of the art submitted is actually accepted. This year Meadowbrook had 67 students selected. I couldn't be more proud of your children and our school because I also think that we might have more artworks accepted than any other school or studio this year!

Please check your mailboxes for a postcard with your child's artwork on it. Perhaps you

have already received it. If that is the case, than please take the time to go to the website and follow the prompts they give you and then give your permission to have your child's artwork published in their book. They will ask you if you would like to purchase a book and you can if you want, but know that I get one for my classroom, so it's not necessary. Congratulations to all of you! Mrs. Katona

Below are a few examples of the Meadowbrook artworks that were accepted. This flyer does not allow me to do 67 images, so I randomly picked a few from each grade. Please enjoy!

Contest Winners

Kindergarten- Shelia, Farida, Amelia, Allie, Matthew, Emmy, Isabel, Finn, Owen, Ryan, Luna. 1st- Nicole, Olivia, Erik, Ellie, Gabby, Elizabeth, Holden, Alexis, Hutch, Piper, Sophia, Delaney, Laney,. 2nd- Nia, Emmanuel, Marelle, Emily, Lexie, Yosef, Jules. 3rd- Grace, Zara, Nelson, Saniya, Londyn, Kennedy, Jaylen, Barry, Dylan, Jaden, Parker, McCoy, Autumn. 4th- Christian, Devon, Tish, Lucas, Kylie. 5th- All students. 6th- Maya, Ryan, Xiani, Jacob, Victor, Audrey, Tana, Laxmi, Kayla and Will. WAY TO GO!