"Appy" Hour

Part II

"Appy" Hour is coming soon!

Donald teachers will be hosting an "appy" hour to demonstrate how they are incorporating the iPad apps into classroom instruction. During the hour long event, each presentation will be 20 minutes in length. You may choose up to 3 teacher sessions to attend during the 6:30-7:30 hour. This is a come and go event, attend as many or as few as you wish, and whatever grade levels or subject areas you wish! Bring your iPad and children if you would like. See below for the agenda and choose the sessions you are most excited to learn about.

Donald "Appy" Hour Part II

Thursday, Jan. 30th, 6:30-7:30pm

2400 Forest Vista Drive

Flower Mound, TX


6:30pm-7:30pm, choose three 20 minute rotations...

Art -

Room 121: Overview of how we are using technology in the art room. Sketchbook Express: using photos to help create digital art.

P.E. -

Gym: Come learn how we are using iPads and apps in P.E to learn more about nutrition, bones, and muscles!

  • Library -
  • Library: You've got questions, we have answers! Do you know how to do a hard shutdown? Do you know the best time to use airplane mode? Do you know how to close all apps? Come with your questions and we will do our best to assist.

  • Music -

    Music: Garage Band: This is a great composition and collaborative tool! In the session we will review how to use the incorporated smart instruments, add loops or music from existing songs, and use a few basic editing functions. We will also try the Jam Session feature, so you can rock out with other iPad users!

    Kindergarten -

    Room 104: First, think of playing with a million piece felt board set and never losing the pieces. Now, come and learn how your child can use their creative, imaginative side to retell a story or retell the main event from a story. They can create their characters, setting, and sequence the events from the story just read. This app allows them to work alone or with a partner. The fun is even made better by recording their own voice. We will also be reviewing the Spelling City app. This app is a fun way to learn spelling and vocabulary words by playing engaging learning games using any word list. The most popular activities are spelling TestMe and HangMouse.

    Room 103: We will be working with Spelling Magic 1 and Spelling Magic 2. You will learn to use this app to help show your children how the printed and spoken word maps onto each other. These apps provide differentiated learning through various levels of play (consonant blends, short vowels, beginning and ending sounds).

    First Grade -

    Room 113: We're going on a treasure hunt! Using the Google Drive app to access the treasure map directions, students work cooperatively to find their treasure! Students apply their geographical knowledge by using the digital Compass app to locate the treasure.

    Room 115: We will use a QR Reader to play a word work game called "Guess My Rule" to reinforce and practice word patterns introduced in class each week. In addition, the use of the Spelling City app will be demonstrated and you will be shown how to access the lessons on the iPad.

    Second Grade -

    Room 203: Tellagami is a free, innovative app that let's you create an animated avatar (a gami) to narrate a story. Simply add a background, select an emotion, and and let your tellagami tell your story.

    Room 202: Bookpress is a free app that allows students to create a storybook, cookbook, photo book, yearbook, or textbook. If you can dream it up, you can create it. The books can be in quality print or e-book format in a matter of minutes. You can even read your new book creation in iBooks. You can share your book with family and friends using e-mail, Twitter, or Facebook.

    Third Grade -

    Room 207: Learn how your students' Google Drive can be a great tool for learning! We will go over the basics (keeping it organized, uploading photos/videos/documents, using the Drive on the computer vs. the iPad) and also how to use it in conjunction with other apps.

    Room 206: PicCollage let's you instantly arrange your photos into frames. You can also get creative with cutouts, borders, stickers, text, and more. It's like photoshop for younger children! USA Today says, "Whether you're 6 or 106, you'll find the free PicCollage app an excellent way to dress up your photo collection and share your handiwork."

    Fourth Grade -

    Room 311: Popplet is a place to store your ideas. You can collaborate in real time and share your products. Popplet provides an alternative way (other than Power Point) to organize a project presentation. It is easily adaptable across all subject areas, thus students are using Popplet in all courses to display their learning in a variety of ways.

    Room 308: PopBoardz is an interactive presentation board. Students can organize and present standard slides, link web pages, import videos, and so much more. See the new approach to classroom app integration!

    Fifth Grade -

    Room 321: Geoboard, by the Math Learning Center, is a tool for exploring a variety of mathematical topics introduced in the elementary and middle grades. Students stretch bands around pegs to form line segments and polygons and make discoveries about shapes, perimeter, area, angles, congruence, fractions, and more.

    Specialized Instruction -

    Rooms 105, 106, & 107 (Closed Course): Join us as we flip our classrooms and create a self-guided Appy Hour! Directions will be written out and placed beside iPads for you to follow and try all the apps your students are using in class. You will have the opportunity to experience 3 or 4 apps during the hour long event!

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