High Heat

By: Carl Dueker

Main Characters

Shane- The high school baseball pitcher.

Dad- Shanes dad that got thrown in jail for stealing.

mom- Forced to move out because they lost all of there money.

Marian- The sister of Shane that had to moveout with Shane and her mom.

Cody and Greg- Shanes friend that were the team clowns with Shane.


Shane hunter is in high school on a baseball team. He is a really good pitcher that can throw 95 mph. Greg and Cody Miller are the team clowns with Shane. Shane went to Whitman high school and lived in an mansion in Seattle. He lived with his mom dad and sister Marian. One day when Shane saw his dad get arrested at one of his baseball games. He found out that his dad stole all the money from the Lexus dealership he worked at and smuggling drugs. Suddenly he went to jail and lost all the money they had so his mom was forced to get a job a new house and also a new school Shore Lake high school! Then they got some news that the dad killed himself. Shane was all mest up in the head now but now he is back at baseball pitching good again.


The theme of this story is baseball and to not do drugs or steal.


The moral of this story is to appreciate.


The setting of this book was some where in Seattle and Whitman high school.


I would recommed this bookto people who like sports an action.


My opinion of this book is through 1-5 stars I would give it a 5 because it gives you alot of information in a few pages.