What can it do to you?

Take a stand

Many smoke, but why? They are addicted. Many who smoke can not quit, so why start at all. Take a stand, don't light that cigarette.

Types of Tobacco

There are many types of tobacco, including these forms of it:


-Chewing Tobacco

-Pipes, and other variations of tools used for smoking

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Stages of addiction

The first stage is when a person starts smoking, usually experimenting. They do not usually experience and symptoms. Stage two is when the person starts wanting tobacco after long times without smoking. Stage three increases the desire. When one in stage three goes a long time without smoking, the urge goes into the stage where it will start intruding in his/her thoughts. Stage four is when the person can absolutely not stop the urge to smoke, and will not feel like they can function normally without it.
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Long Term Effects.

Smoking can cause so many long term effects. These include cancer in all parts of the body, clogged heart valve, smokers cough. The tar from the smoke can clog lungs, and even heart valves. There are a ton of chemicals that are included in cigarettes that cause cancer and other illnesses.


Smoking is plain disgusting. It smells, and can leave you looking just gross. It can leave black spots in your mouth and teeth. It can leave your body looking wrinkled and gross.
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Media's Influences

The media has a huge influence on people. But what happens when they advertise something bad, like smoking. Marlboro will pay millions of dollars for someone to use their cigarettes in their movie. The media tries to get you hooked before you know there effects, and soon enough you are addicted.
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