5th Grade Language Arts- Book of Me

Writing- 2017-2018

The Book of Me!

This is a yearlong writing project that is going to be a large part of each trimesters' Language Arts grade. Your child will receive prompts that we will work on as a class and in the computer lab. Through this project, your child will be able to meet the Language Arts' C-TACH requirements. However, my ultimate desire is for your child to have fun with it and to create a book about themselves that they will enjoy sharing with their family for years to come. This project was developed by Becki Cummins for 6th graders.

Important Dates

These chapters will be written and edited on Google Classroom. Your child will have access to this at school and home.

Pet Peeves- Due September 22

Recipe for a Friend- Due Oct. 6

I Want to Meet...- Due Oct. 24

I am...- Due Nov. 3

Fear- Due Nov. 24

What Are You Afraid Of?- Due- Dec. 15

I'm Not My Best Today- Due- Jan. 12

The Whatifs?- Due Jan. 19

I'm Stranded- Due March 2

I Laughed So Hard I Peed- Due April 6

Dear Mom and Dad- Due April 20

My Friend Loves Me- April 27

My Family Loves Me- April 29

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