Stand Up To Domestic Violence

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About Us

Many people are a victim of domestic violence everyday and they feel that they can't tell anyone because we have created a environment around us that says domestic violence against women is only against women and its not mens issue, and since they think its not their issue they feel that they don't need to stand up to it, which is completely wrong. This is why we have created a club to raise awareness and get people to stand up to this issue. Our club is called "Stand up to Domestic Violence" and some of the activities we will be doing that will benefit our members and community are creating domestic violence situations and teaching them how to react and how to stand up to it. We will also be also be writing articles on domestic violence and getting them to public through internet, newspaper and social media. Our club will meet every sunday from 3pm to 6pm at 1414 lake road blvd. The goal of our club is to get more people aware about this issue and people around the country to stand up and stop domestic violence against women if they see it.

How Will We Know?

You might be thinking, How will we know if you brought positive change and made a difference? well it is simple, one month after the club has opened we will take 30 minutes of our club time everyday to discuss how we made a difference and brought positive change. this is your time to share with us how you stood up to domestic violence against women and brought a positive change. We will also be starting a trend on social media #iMadeAdifference , this will allow people all around the world to express and post about how they made a difference and what they did to stand up to domestic violence against women. last but not least we will be giving out a T-shirt with our logo on it to anyone who stood up to violence against women and. This will allow us to know how many people are aware of this issue and if WE made a difference by starting this club. So every time you see someone being a victim to domestic violence against women, stand up to it because we only make a difference if you do!