When did things get so out of control? I realize that it was my decision to have children, but did I really give it the right amount of consideration? Don't get me wrong I love my children and I wouldn't trade them for anything, but some days I wonder why I made the choice to have children. Life was so much simpler when it was just adult problems to have to worry with like mortgage and jobs. But today I am presented with a much bigger problem. You see my 5 yr. old daughter has announced, rather strongly, that she hates school!! How can you "hate school" you are in kindergarten nothing too mind blowing happens in kindergarten. Right?! Once again I have been proved to be completely wrong. You see my daughter hates school because the little boys in her class sit at the lunch table and make her watch their nasty eating habits. Unfortunately her brain isn't fully developed and she was under the impression that she HAD to watch them. I told her to ignore them much like she ignores her brother when he is doing stupid stuff. Problem solved and we like school again for today anyway!