Viola Analyzation

by Jessica Maroncelli

Viola's identity

In the movie She's the Man Viola is determined. She lied about who she was for what she believed it and wanted to achieve. She views herself as, as good as any boy. She does not give up when someone tells her she cannot do something. Viola is Tomboyish and strong. Throughout the movie she proves she is as good as any boy because when everyone thought she was a boy she was good enough to be first string. At the end of the movie when she reveals herself as Sebastian's sister she talks about how she did all this to prove that she was good enough (Shes the man). Viola views herself as determined, strong, and that no one can tell her what she is or what she can and can not do.

In the Play "twelfth Night" Viola is smart. She is pretty and strong. Viola lied about who she was because she had to in order to protect and care for herself. Viola is also caring and selfless. Even though she is in love with the Duke, she tries to help him with Olivia. Viols is hard headed and hopes for the best of everything. For example in the play she ways to the captain, "For saying so, there's gold. Mine own escape unfoldeth to my hope, whereto thy speech serves for authority, The like of him. Know'st thou this country?" (I.ii.16-19). This quote shows that Viola is caring and hopes for the best.

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Viola's gender

In the movie She's the Man Viola is forced to act and dress as a man to do what she loves. At her old school the girls soccer team got cut and they told her that because she was a girl she could not play on the men's soccer team. She felt as just because she was a girl did not mean she was not good enough. As a man she has to act cool and like she does not care about a lot. Also as a man she realized that she could not talk in depth about a girl and her personality. For example when she was going on talking about viola and how she's this amazing person and caring and just going in depth with how she felt, duke was just like "dude why do you keep talking like that" (She's the Man).

In the play "Twelfth Night" Viola thought that her brother was in a ship wreck and because of this she was forced to act and dress as a man to help and protect herself. In this time period women were not allowed to work so in order for her to help and care for herself she had to act as a man. Women are thought of as less than men. In the play viola says to the captain, "For such disguise as haply shall become the form of my intent. I'll serve this duke. Thou shall present me as an eunuch to him" (I.ii.50-52). This quote explains that she had to disguise herself in order to work.

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Viola's perception

In the movie She's the man other people view Viola (Sabastian) as cool and want to be like him. Although they feel like this they did not always. When Viola first came to Illyria acting as Sebastian people did not like her. They thought she was weird. For example when she would pass them people would say "what's wrong with that dude" (She's the Man). After she was in the restaurant and had the girls all over her they all thought he was really cool and looked up to him almost. As Viola they think she is pretty. Her mother wants her to be this version of herself that she is not. She wants her to be all girly. I think that other people view her differently than she views herself. Obviously the guys and everyone at school think she is a guy and she is not but also it is an act and she is not really weird or really cool like the guys think.

In the play "Twlfth Night" by William Shakespeare, people viewed Viola (Cesario) as smart. People viewed Viola as pretty and Cesario as young and handsome. Also Cesario was a very popular servant and people liked him. Even the first few weeks of him being there, he was favored by the duke. In the play Valentine says to Cesario, "if the duke continues these favors towards you, Cesario, you are like to be much advanced. He hath known you but three days, and already you are no stranger" (I.iv.1-3). This quote explains that Cesario is liked. Also Sabastian says to Antonio, "A lady, sir, though it was said she much resembled me, was yet of many accounted beautiful" (II.i.21-22). This quote explains how people thought Viola was pretty.

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Viola's similarities and differences in the movie

In the movie me and Viola are kind of similar. We are both girls obviously but we both were determined to do what we wanted in our sports. She is strong and does not let people get in the way of her and she does not give up and I think in a way I am like this too.

Also in the movie viola and I are different. I would not be able to lie to everyone about who I was. I would also not be able to stay in character if I was to act as someone else. She is a lot more strong willed than I could ever be. I would not agree to help someone I like go after another girl. Also she is tomboyish and I am girly.

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Viola's similarities and differences in the play

In the play Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare Viola and I are sort of similar in some ways. Viola had to do what she had to do in order to help herself and I feel like I would probably do the same. Also she is smart and determined and I also feel I am this way.

Also in the Play, Viola and I are different. I would never be able to stay in character the way she did when she was around the duke. I would not be able to help the person I like try to get with another girl. She is a lot stronger than I could ever be.

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