By Yi Yang

What is individuality?

Individuality is a person who stands out to everyone else or a person that likes to be alone when doing things. e.g. Stargirl likes to be herself wherever she goes.Individuality could also be someone who likes to be alone and would work good when he/she is alone.

Is individuality good?

Most of the time individuality is good because people could be interested in you and you could get compliments.There could still be more to come to happen like getting many people to like you,high spirits or just making yourself happy.

What are the downsides of individuality?

Sometimes individuality could be bad because students who don't like you would judge your appearance and how you work but maybe using your individuality skills,you could sort things out with one another.If that doesn't work,then jut ignore them.

Who should Stargirl teach at Discovery College about individuality?

I think that Stargirl could teach people who are afraid of showing their identity so that they wouldn't be scared when they do important things,or all the students at Discovery College so no one gets mistreated.The reason is because they will all learn about treating each other right.

Why should Stargirl teach students at Discovery College about individuality?

Stargirl has been to Mica High and has gone through a lot of emotions and has been acting different to everyone else.She isn't afraid to be herself at school or anywhere.I think that Stargirl would be a good teacher of individuality. Stargirl was also famous in Mica high so maybe students would listen to a famous but individual student.

How does Stargirl teach students at Discovery College about indviduality?

Stargirl can teach the students at Discovery College by telling them incidents in the past in Mica High like how she stood out,how she met Leo or what happened when she was on hot seat.If it doesn't work Stargirl could show how she stand out.