Acadia National Park

It's the Maine Thing About Maine


Acadia National Park is about 40,000 acres. It is located in Maine. It's the first National Park east of the Mississippi River. There are many things to do here.

Park Fees, Safety, Rules, Places to Go, Transportation and Hours

  • If you come in a car it will cost as little as $20 for 7 days. If you come on foot or motorcycle all you need to pay is $5! We are open from May 19th-October 31st.
  • When hiking on our trails bring a 20 oz bottle of water, a map, a first aid kit and a flashlight.
  • Pets must be on a leash no longer than 6'.
  • You can get buses, parking and carriage rides for transportation.
  • If you want to go to somewhere, visit Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse, Porcupine Island and Park Loop Road.

Things to Do

You can hike on the hiking trails that are more than 120 miles long! There is also a boat tour that goes around the water surrounding Acadia National Park. But unless you are planning to freeze when you swim, don't. The water there is barely over 55° F! If you want to see our forests, waterfalls, animals, mountains, cliffs, rivers or your family having fun come an over and see 'em! We can bet that you will have a good time at Acadia National Park!

Plants and Animals

We have many animals here. For example, red foxes, deer, owls, fish, snowshoe hare, starfish, lobster and harbor seals live here. They adapt to the national park in these ways. Foxes, owls and deer live in the forests. The lobster,starfish and fish live in the water and the seals live in the harbor.

We also have many plants such as Evergreen Trees, Seaweed, Birch Trees, Maple Trees and Grass.

Weather and Lodging

In the winter it gets from 14-35°, In spring it is 30-70°F. In summer it gets as hot as 45-90°F and in fall it's 30-70°F.

We have two campgrounds near us and we do have hotels in the area, just not owned by the park.

All the pictures here are from the NPS website.

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