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DoTerra's February Promotions

10% off Passion!

Who doesn't need a little more passion in their life? DoTerra's Passion essential oil is part of their emotional aromatherapy collection. It counteracts negative feelings of boredom and disinterest and ignites feelings of excitement, passion and joy. A blend of cardamom, cinnamon, clove, sandalwood, jasmine and vanilla, this is a beautiful oil that I often use as a perfume and also love to diffuse. Passion can help you find the daring to try something new or discover renewed joy for the current blessings in your life.
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February's Free Product of the Month: AromaTouch

I love this oil! This unique blend of Cypress, Peppermint, Marjorum, Basil, Grapefruit and Lavender helps to lessen tension, adds an aromatic experience to a massage and provides a comforting and relaxing effect. Apply to your neck and shoulders to promote feelings of relaxation or add to epsom salts and soak in a hot tub. Great for all sorts of aches and pains, this is one of the oils I use every day!
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How can I receive the FREE PRODUCT OF THE MONTH??

Join the Loyalty Rewards Program!! The LRP is an amazing program for everyone that commits to purchasing at least 1 item each month. Once a member, you are eligible to receive the Free product of the month, to earn 100% of your shipping costs back as credit and to earn back a % of all orders over 50PV to use toward future purchases. This short LRP video explains more about the program and how it allows you to get your free products! Let me know if you have further questions about the LRP!
What is doTERRA LRP Loyalty Rewards Program

Vetiver Co-Impact Sourcing

Vetiver essential oil has changed my life by giving me back the gift of a good night's sleep. It is grown and harvested in Haiti, where DoTerra has given their farmers a life sustaining gift, as well! One reason I love this company!!
Sourcing doTERRA Vetiver with Co-Impact Sourcing Practices