New Teacher Newsletter

November 2018

Hello November!

Ah, November! This time of year conjures up images of cool weather, delicious food, and time spent with family and friends. I'm sure many of you are eagerly counting down the days until the break and a much deserved rest. Between now and the break, please make sure you're doing some of the following:

  • Taking time for yourself and getting some rest.
  • Meeting regularly with your mentor.
  • Having fun with your students!

This time of year can be stressful, but it's also a great opportunity to take stock of all the amazing things you've learned and successes you've had with your students. I'm thankful I'm able to work with an amazing group of new educators. Thank you for all you do. Enjoy your well earned break with family and friends.


Classroom Management

The weeks leading up to a break can be a struggle for students and teachers. Both are tired, stressed, and ready for some time away. Having solid structures and procedures in place in the classroom is essential.

Effective classroom management is preventive and proactive. The four components of a solid classroom management plan are:

  • organization of time and space
  • organization and management of materials
  • organization and management of space
  • organization and management of student behavior.

Your First Year Teacher Notebook contains some valuable tips on pages 40-52 around the first three components. Pages 57-61 offer information regarding behavior management and some strategies you can implement in the classroom.

Chapters 2 & 7 of the Eric Jensen book you received, Engaging Students with Poverty In Mind, offer strategies for engaging students and managing student behavior.

Students & Stress

While the impending Thanksgiving break is eagerly being anticipated by teachers, the change to cooler weather and the upcoming holiday frenzy can be a source of stress and anxiety for many of our students. The graphic below highlights some student behaviors to be aware of at this time of the year that could indicate students are in need of support and resources. If you feel a student is in need of help, please contact your counselor or the Student Services Office at (830) 401-8617.
Big picture

First Year Teacher Observations of Mentors

Please remember that your formal observations of your mentor must be completed by December 19, 2018. Be sure to meet with your mentor prior to your observation in order to identify an area of focus for your observation.

You may send me a copy of the completed observation form via email or by pony. I've attached the form below.

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