by Frank Neeley

The plot elements of Tangerine

1. Paul looks at the eclipse and ruins his eyes

2. Paul moves to Tangerine from Texas

3. Paul's brother is known as the "Eric Fisher Football Dream"

4. The family learns that there is muck in the ground that keeps the fire on there burning

5. Paul and Erik visit their schools

6. Paul and his mom meet Mr.Murrow that is the guidance counselor

7. Paul has a flashback of when he was younger at the bus stop

8. Paul goes to his first day of school

9. Paul meets Kerri

10. Paul finds out when soccer tryouts are

Chronological order of Mike Costello's death

First Paul and his mom get back from the supermarket. Next they find Erik and Arthur in the garage. Erik tells Paul and his Mom about Mike's death. Then they tell about how mike dies. Paul's mom called the father. Paul's dad confirms that Mike is dead. Erik and Arthur start to laugh about it and how it says he got " Mo hawked" After that Paul hears them laughing.

Comparison and contract

Erik's life is much different from Paul's life. For an example Erik is named the football dream where Paul isn't. Paul plays soccer while Erik plays football and his dad is really proud of Erik playing football while he barley pays attention to Paul's sport or even him. Paul has to wear thick glasses because he looked at the eclipse which ruined his eye slight or so that's what Erik think. Some similarities is that Erik and Paul both hate each other. They both play a sport that includes having a ball. They both have played soccer before.


One thing that Paul is facing is with his family because we all go through that stage were we have problems with our family. He has problems with his brother because he hates Erik and Erik hates Paul and this turns out they don't really have a good relationship together. Another one is that Paul doesn't have a good relationship with his dad because with some people they don't have a good relationship with there dads because some dads put all of there attention on one kid and the other kid doesn't get any where in this case this is happening with Paul. The last one is Paul has stress in soccer just like me. i have stress over soccer big time and people go through stress almost ever day.


Mike was in the end zone and next thing we know we see a big flash and Mike in the air and crashed back down to the ground.He was dead before he hit the ground. Mike Costello's death and Erik and Arthur Laughing at. What will this become of. They say that Mike got MO HAWKED? What does that even mean. Paul finds out that they were laughing at it. What will he think of it? What will the Parents think of this?