tips for the EOG test

BY Tommysmith

Here are some of my tips for End of Grade test or the EOG:

1- First you need to read the story then think about the main idea. The main idea is the most important thing.

2- Underline the important words in the story.

3- Then you try to find the theme of the story. The theme is the life lesson the author wants to teach you.

4- When you get to a hard question you might want to look back in your story to find the answer to your question. Then you mark out the answers you know is wrong. Then circle the one you know is right.

5- Also find out what is the conflict in the story is. The problem between to characters in the story is conflict.

6- You also you need to find out if the story fiction or nonfiction.

7- Also you need to compare and contrast which means how are they alike and different.

8- Explain what happens in the story- give lots of detail!

9- Give your definition of the story- tell the story in your own words.

10- Always try your best. Don't give up!

11- Do not rush!!! Take you time. You have all the time you need to finish the test. Do not RUSH or guess on the answers.