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Google Docs Add-Ons for the Essay Writer!


As my students were in the beginning stages of their research essay project, I was thinking of the few add-ons I would have them use which will make the process that much smoother and more efficient. I thought it would be a great idea to share those add-ons with you so that you may share the same efficiency with your students whether you're completing a research essay or other research-related topic.

How do I get these Add-Ons?

Each program you decide to include in your own edition of Google Docs can be added from the same location. The first thing to do is open a new Doc. Then, navigate up to "Add-Ons." The selection you'll want is "Get Add-Ons." From this menu, you are able to search through the Add-Ons or directly select the desired addition. This is especially helpful when you're guiding students to the precise location so they can include the same Add-Ons in their Doc.

The Easy Bib Add-On

The most popular Add-On to have for any project that has a Works Cited or Bibliography page is Easy Bib. Once installed, what has been the most arduous task in the past, now becomes the easiest. When this Add-On is in use, there will be a sidebar that lists selections for a Book, Journal Article, and Website. Select which one you'd like to cite and input the appropriate information. The biggest benefit is that as long as you have the ISBN number of a book or the URL of a website, this Add-On will create the citation for you. Once you're finished creating the citations, select the button "Add Citations to Doc" and the Works Cited Page is created for you, complete with the title in the top center. This is all completed without you ever typing a single word into the Doc itself!

The Thesaurus Add-On

Quite comparable to the one in Microsoft, this is a nice addition to the Google Docs Add-Ons to increase students' variation of words. Since I teach 6th graders, I see use of the ever-boring words such as "good," "bad," and so forth. Once this Add-On is installed, the quality of papers will increase, not just for my students, but hopefully for yours as well.

Consistency Checker

While this may be better suited for use in a high school or higher education classroom, it does show some benefits to other users as well. Consistency Checker is an Add-On that scans the document and ensures that it reads smoothly, According to the Add-On description, it looks for items such as hyphenations, numbers in sentences, common spelling errors, and different spelling variations. Have this run a scan to drastically improve your essay to be a nicely polished, well-read piece.

Plagiarism Concerns

Of course, with any essay or major project, plagiarism becomes a concern. Please visit another Ed Tech Tip I created that highlights some Chrome Extensions that avoid this unfortunate part of the process. However, with all of these in place and the opportunity to verify the student's writing, a well-written, polished essay is easy to achieve!

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