News from 4th Grade

Week of 10/31-11/4

Week at a glance...

  • This week we began our Maps unit for Social Studies. On Monday, the students will receive their maps project where they need to make a map of the world. Pictures of continents and large paper will be provided. It is due on Monday, 11/14.
  • On Thursday, November 17th we will be making salt dough maps of Pennsylvania. A parent will go home this week with directions and a sheet if you would like to volunteer (see below for the sheet).
  • The end of the first trimester is November 11th. Please remember the reading goal assignment is also due that day and it is an early release day.

Conferences for this week! See below for confirmation of times

Thursday, Nov. 10th, 5pm

600 South Lingle Avenue

Palmyra, PA

5:00 Kishel
5:20 Custer
5:40 Baker
6:00 Nolan
6:20 Davis
6:40 Stouffer-Funck
7:00 Pasto
7:20 Holwig
7:40 Stroik

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

What we're learning this week

Journeys: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

This cycle, students will explore different ways to do research. We will be reading the realistic fiction selection: "Dear Mr. Winston," from When I Went to the Library, students will read a letter of apology that conveys more than the simple message "I'm sorry for bringing my snake into the library." We will also read Field Guide to the Snakes of the Southwest.

Vocab: fault, borrow, reference, fainted, genuine, local, apologize, proof, slimy, insisted

Vocab strategy: antonyms

Comprehension skill: Conclusions and generalizations - figure out unstated or broad ideas

Comprehension strategy: Question: ask questions before you read, as you read and after you read.

Writing focus: Informational Writing

Spelling words (vowel + r sounds): spark, prepare, cheer, tear, scarf, scare, repair, earring, scarce, weird, sharp, rear, spare, gear, hairy, compare, alarm, harsh, upstairs, square

Grammar: compound and complex sentences

Journey's: Thursday and Friday

Next cycle, the story is all about creativity! We will explore the question, "What does it take to be a great performer?" In the biographical selection, Jose! Born to Dance, we'll read about a man who learns to express himself through dance. We'll also read the poetry selection, Dance to the Beat, about dancing and rhythm.

Vocabulary: debut, stubborn, permission, hauling, mournful, towered, triumph, discouraged, toured, border

Vocab Strategy: Shades of meaning

Comprehension Skill: Author's purpose - use text details to figure out the author's reasoning for writing.

Comprehension strategy: Analyze/evaluate - think carefully about the text and form an opinion about it.


This week we will be continuing to practice and review: 2 digit multiplication, all four operations with estimation, long division.

This week our fluency will include facts 0-9 for multiplication. Once we have gone through all multiplication facts, we will continue with division facts.

Homework will change to workbook pages to review for an end of unit assessment this week.

Social Studies: Maps

This week we began our Maps Skills unit for Social Studies. We start by learning about map skills (longitude and latitude, continents, compass rose, equator, prime meridian, coordinate points, etc).

Our maps unit will include a Map Project to be completed at home. Each student will need to make a world map on large construction paper with labeled parts. I will send home the requirements and paper on Monday. Please see below for a copy of the requirements for you as well!

Big image

Salt Dough Map Activity

Big image
This letter will go home this week about our Salt Dough Map activity. Since we are studying Pennsylvania features, we will be map 3D Salt Dough maps in class. Students will be able to make a state map with rivers, mountains, plateaus, etc while labeling major cities and Palmyra.

This will be a big project and I would love to have extra helping hands! If you are able to join us on Thursday, November 17 from 10:00-11:15 am, I would greatly appreciate it! It would also be a huge help to send in extra dough with your child for students who will forget or not be able to make it. See the picture for an example of a finished salt dough map.

Early Dismissal

Friday, Nov. 11th, 12pm

600 South Lingle Avenue

Palmyra, PA

Friday, November 11th will be the end of our first trimester and early release day for students. Walkers/parent pick-up will be dismissed at 11:57am.

Mrs. LeBlanc

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