By: Jasmine Brown

Facts about homelessness

  1. 564,708 people in the U.S. are homeless
  2. Tens of thousands of veterans are homeless over 57,000 veterans are homeless each night
  3. In the last few years millions have lost their homes. Over 5 million homes have been foreclosed.
  4. Domestic violence is a leading cause of homelessness among women.
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This is the statistics of how Homelessness is caused.

If we don't stop Homelessness now

The consequences or bad things if Homelessness continues is people will loose more and more jobs. Health will become worse in America because lack of attention. Personal issues will happen more. Increased danger of abuse and violence and chances of entering the criminal justice system. If Homelessness continues things will get worse every single day. That's why we need to take a stance to end Homelessness.
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This picture is showing how homelessness really is. The person in the picture doesn't have a house or a bed but just a simple piece of cardboard, a pillow and a blanket

Ending Homelessness

The way we can end homelessness and hunger is by giving and helping. One organization that is humanitarian is The soup Kitchen. The Soup Kitchen volunteers time and money to help the needy. The only way to stop Homelessness is by you. Don't have to donate much just a small donation or just volunteering will help end Homelessness a step closer.

The link for the soup kitchen down below.


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The three volunteers in the picture are from The Soup Kitchen. They are helping and giving food to the needy.

We can do this

We can all end hunger and Homelessness. The only way we can end It is by YOU! Remember just donate to The soup kitchen or any local organizations that will help the homeless or the needy. You don't even need to donate you can just volunteer at a homeless shelter. The easiest thing is just to help in any way you can.
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The women in the photo is called Rosie the Riveter she was an icon in the 1980's. This poster will motivate everyone to stop homelessness and it says We Can Do It!


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