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Impact of Technology in Modern Living

Healthy vs. Obesity

Do you know obesity has increased over 50% in Americans due to technology? People are more likely to be using computers and game systems than riding a bike

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Today's Automoblies

If better automobiles were not invented with technology we would still have horse and buggies, steam powered engines, as means of travel. With the development of automobiles we have better vehicles that are eco-friendly, better and gasoline and safer for our families to ride in; this is all due to technology.
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Medical Technology

Technology has also reduced the number of fatalities during surgery, as there are ways to stop bleeding before it gets too out of hand and to stabilize people in a quick amount of time. Scientists finding cures have come a long way in 30 years due to technology. Scientists are always looking for curses and without technology we wouldn’t even know about a lot of illness in the world today. There would be many people suffering and even dying without help from scientists. With the diseases; machines have been developed to help with the invention of medicines that are needed for disease such as radiation, x-ray and MRI machines

Increase in Bullying with Technology

Another issue with technology in modern living is the fact that bullying has increased. When someone is bullied is today’s society once again it is posted on the World Wide Web for everyone to see and also join in by posting their comments as well. With this being so easily accessible this has increased suicide number with in teens.


Americans have become lazy in the way we communicate and the way are teaching our brains to think for example:

BRB: Be right Back

LOL: Laugh out loud

TTYL: Talk to you later

ILY: I love you

G2G or GTG: Got to go

Just to name a few of Quick talks. TY- thank you!