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August 14, 2020

Dear Inspire Families:

Our first two days of school, August 11 and 12, students spent the morning meeting virtually with their Advisories. For returning students, this was a time to reunite with teachers and friends. For newbies, it was a time to meet new people and find connections to our Inspire community. Students learned strategies for success during distance learning, watched performances from their Inspire peers, participated in fun activities with their "sister Advisories," and discussed how this year might be different.

From Debbie Travers: "From my corner of the campus, with my seniors, IT ALL WORKED."

From Beth Reid: "Amazing First Days! Kids are loving the challenges, breakout rooms, Clubs options, Concerts, etc... I had kids say, No, we want more time!"

From Jarrah Myles: "We had a great Advisees are determined to beat Marcy!"

From Linnea Smith: "I just feel like we are already making baby steps and today something just clicked and 'The Smithsons' are already feeling like a family!"

I was able to pop into several Advisory Zoom meetings, and saw Scott Gunderson leading his students in Brain Breaks, Mr. Hopkins entertaining his new freshmen with a get-to-know-you activity, and Ms. Reid promising to remember each and every name (and even to offer a cameras-off test the following day).

After school, our Community Liaison team made phone calls to families of students who were absent, offering support with technology and logistics needs to make sure ALL students are engaged and ready to take on the new year.

I am so grateful for this amazing staff, and for the partnership of our families to ensure students are plugged in, engaged, and learning. To remind everyone of our theme for this year: WE GOT THIS!!!!

With gratitude and hope,

Becky Brown


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