Healing Racism

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What role do leaders play in shaping the way a community responds to a crisis and in preventing other crises?

In the "James Brown" video when Martin Luther King Jr. died James sang and it kept from all the crisis from happening. In the "Two Towns of Jasper" video since it was three white men who killed a black man the black's got a chance to change their lives.

Who decided to take down the cemetery fence seperating the black's from the whites in the "Two Towns of Jasper" video?

The Community.

Another way for blacks and whites to be split up in both videos is what?

Martin Luther King - I Have A Dream Speech - August 28, 1963

What is it called when two or more races live in the same community and are seperated like in the "Two Towns of Jasper" video?

Race Relations

After the cemetery fence was taken down seperating the blacks from the whites what remained on the ground in the "Two Towns of Jasper"?

Color Lines Very Clearly Drawn

What affect did the "james Brown" concert have on every one in Boston?

The Healing Affect
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The James Byrd Murder

*James was dragged for three miles and died
*This crime is a racist crime committed by three white men
*after James being dragged to death by three white men there was three different trials
*the first trial was for William King, he is guilty and is going to be executed
*the second trial was for Russel Brewer and he also got a death penalty
*the third trial was for Shawn Berry and he got life in prison
*the blacks saw this as a way of getting more respect from whites

The Assasination of MLK

*When MLK died something died with him and a lot of destruction occurred all over the world
*riots broke out
*Mr.Browns concert was televised keeping people inside their homes and away from the riots
*as Boston was calm the night of the concert every where else their was destruction
*The concert had a healing affect on Boston