Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

Welcome back!

We've had a great start to the year, let's keep the ball rolling! Now is a great time to reteach some of your PATH expectations so that your students have it fresh in their minds.

Staff on the PATH!

Our students love to hear when they are on the PATH! Here's a little secret: so do the adults...shhhh. Tell your coworkers when you notice them on the PATH! The staff PATH tickets are near the student PATH ticket buckets. Recognize someone today :)

Some tickets that did not get drawn:

Ms. Hopper got caught having a smile and being a good teacher!

Ms. Brewster got caught cleaning up!

Ms. Wiebe got caught helping her students be on pitch!

Ms. Broermann helped her team by bringing lunch!

Ms. Dresow got caught helping her students by pushing in a chair!

Ms. Baake was prepared by putting morning work on students' desks!

Way to go PV staff!!


Tuesday continues to be our day of most referrals at PV. If this seems to ring true for your classroom, reviewing PATH expectations on Tuesday morning may be beneficial.

Our data also shows that disruption and physical aggression are the most frequent reasons for referrals. Put a little extra focus on the PATH behavior in these areas as you are reteaching PATH.

Your PBIS Team

Team: Aby Froiland, Abby Lyon, Debbie Blum, Jill Bachand, Val Martin, Becky Ayer, Nichole Neron-Kloss, and Shawna Broerman