Eagles Landing

Fort Myers Christian School- October 5, 2022

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Important Dates


11, 12 Student School Photos (See below for details)

12 Student of the Month Chapel

19 See you at the Pole

21-Dress Down Day- Whole School

Elementary Super Hero Dress Up Day

School Picture Day - Rescheduled

Student school pictures will be on October 11th and 12th. Due to the storm closures we have rescheduled school pictures to the following days. All students should wear their school uniforms for their fall pictures. We will have another opportunity in the Spring in which our students will be allowed to wear an outfit of their choosing.

Pictures will be in the Sanctuary.


8:30am PreK A Edwards

9:10am PreK B Hussey

9:50am PreK C Santiago

10:30am K A Weber

11:15am 3rd. Darda

12:10pm 1st Grubaugh

1:00pm 6th. Gore


8:30am. K B Blumer

9:10am. K C. Barkman

9:50am. 2nd Earp

10:30am 4th. Musser

11:15am. 5th. Ward

12:30pm. 7th. Cadwell

1:15pm. 8th. Broome

Fall Make-Up Picture day is on October 21

See You AT the Pole!- October 19

See you at the pole is a global time of prayer on October 19. Our students will meet at our school flagpole at 9:00AM to lift up their friends, families, teachers, school and nation to God. It is student-initiated, student-organized, and student-led.

We would love to have you join us on this special time of prayer.

NJHS Time Change

I have spoken with our head of school and we have decided to move NJHS from Wednesday mornings before school to 3:15 PM through 4:00 PM on Wednesdays after school. I trust this will accommodate many of your schedules which make it difficult to get your students there at 7:30 AM.

Gratefully Serving,

Mr. Broome

From Our Athletic Director

Elementary Athletics: Eaglet basketball registration will begin Monday, October 10th and will close Monday, October 31st. The first day of Eaglet basketball will officially begin Thursday, November 3rd. Please be on the lookout for more information via e-mail & hard copies coming home with your K-4 student!

Middle School Athletics: Middle school girls and boys basketball sign-ups will begin Monday, October 10th and will close Friday, October 21st. The first practice for both boys and girls basketball will be Monday, October 24th.

All Volleyball games and practices are uncertain at this time. We will let you know more early next week.

Attention sports parents: We will have a new cell phone and iPad policy for sports this year. When students come over to the gym to change and for practice, they will be required to put their phones in the lock box located in the gym (as they do in the middle school building during school hours). Athletes will also be required to leave their book bags (iPads) in the gym before going into the locker room. This will prevent all cell phones and iPads from going into the locker rooms. There will also be no cell phones/iPads used on the way to games. Being that parents are required to drive their students/teammates, we are asking for your assistance with this. Please contact me with any questions (bgrannis@fmcs-fl.com).

FMCS Fundsaver Cards

We will be selling FMCS Fundsaver Cards to benefit the athletic department. Each card costs $5 and is valid until March 31st, 2023. These cards have numerous deals on local businesses and restaurants that can be used by FMCS families, friends, or anyone in the local communities! If you are interested in purchasing or selling these cards, please reach out to me at bgrannis@fmcs-fl.com to set up a time to pick up!

Thanksgiving Feast, November 18

This year we will be celebrating Thanksgiving with our traditional Thanksgiving Feast on November 18 at 11:30. This year we will all be in the gym together celebrating. There will be tables and chairs already set up. We would love to have our families help us decorate each table. If your child would like to order a Thanksgiving meal from our cafeteria, please order like normal through FACTS no later than Monday, November 14.

Please work with your classroom teacher in the Elementary or homeroom teacher in the Middle School to help with decorations for your class.

Elementary Only Special Dress Days

Special dress days are meant to add a flavor of fun to our Elementary experience. They are not required. If you are not choosing to participate, your child should follow the normal school dress for that day.

October 21- Super Hero Day

Students should wear normal dress code on this day if you are choosing not to participate.

November 18 - Western Day

December 14- Christmas Theme Dress Day

January 13- Career Day

February 9- Sport Shirt Day

March 2- Dr. Seuss' Birthday

April 14 - Book Character Day

May 4- Star Wars Day

Middle School Spirit Week. November 7-11

Friday, November 11, is our first Home Basketball Game. Let's support our team by dressing up and joining the fun. Let's go EAGLES!!

Monday: Sport Day

Tuesday: Historical day

Wednesday: Crock and wacky sock day

Thursday: Hat and crazy hair day

Friday: FMCS Spirit Wear

Middle School and Elementary Dress Down:

Every third Friday of the month is dress down day. There is no charge for this this year.

Dress Down Day Includes the following guidelines:

- No sleeveless shirts

- Shorts or skirts must be just above the knee

-No jeans in the MS

-Words on shirts must be appropriate

If you have more questions about Dress Down Day guidelines, please check your Family Handbook,

Accelerated Reader Website

Parents, we would like to encourage your students to access the AR website where they can take quizzes based on the books they have been reading. Usernames and Passwords will be given out by your student's teacher: https://global-zone53.renaissance-go.com/welcomeportal/70499

COVID Policy

After Care Information

Box Tops For Education

Lunch Procedure

The Cafeteria Staff are so excited to welcome you back to FMCS. This year is going to be a great year. I know some students will be bringing their own lunches and others will take advantage of the meals we prepare daily in the cafeteria. We are requiring that all orders be placed by the night before. Our cafeteria staff want you to be aware that you must ORDER IN ADVANCE (the menu is available at least a month ahead in FACTS). Ordering ahead does not mean you are charged ahead - No meal is charged until after lunches are served. Should a student forget their lunch we do offer a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich or a Cheese Sandwich. Thanks so much for your assistance with this procedure and your support of our lunch program.

We are asking that all payments for lunch are made in FACTS instead of cash.


This year both Elementary and Middle School chapels will be on Wednesdays. You are always welcome to join us.

Elementary Chapel- 8:30 - Elementary Chapel

Middle School Chapel- 9:50- Colonial Chapel

We will be focusing on our Theme verse as well as the Fruits of the Spirit. Once a month we will be recognizing a student in each class based on these Fruits. Parents of the recognized student will be invited to join and celebrate with us by their Homeroom teachers.

Middle School Community Service Hours-

Middle School Parents - FMCS requires that our Middle School students turn in community service hours. They are due the Friday before the last week of each semester. These hours are graded as a final exam grade for Bible class. Students should talk with their teachers about the specifics.
  • 6th grade students are responsible for turning in 2.5 hours per semester
  • 7th-8th grade students are responsible for turning in 5 hours per semester.

School Calendar

Half-Day Dismissal Times

Elementary Dismisses at 11:45-12:00

Middle School Dismisses at 12:00- 12:15