Merchant of Venice

Katy Yut Period 7

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Almost Lover - A Fine Frenzy

Bad Blood - Bastille

Billionaire - Bruno Mars

Bleeding Out - Imagine Dragons

Can You Feel the Love Tonight - The Lion King

Carryon Wayward Son - Kansas

Chasing Pavements - Adele

Chasing the Sun - The Wanted

Clouds - Zach Sobiech

Almost Lover - A Fine Frenzy

“Well, I'd never want to see you unhappy

I thought you'd want the same for me

Goodbye, my almost lover

Goodbye, my hopeless dream

I'm trying not to think about you

Why can't you just let me be?

So long, my luckless romance

My back is turned on you

Should've known you'd bring me heartache

Almost lovers always do”

Antonio's assumed/ subliminal feelings toward Bassanio.

Bleeding Out - Imagine Dragons

“I'm bleeding out

So if the last thing that I do

I'll bleed it out for you

When the day has come

Oh you tell me to hold on

But innocence is gone

And what was right is wrong

And hopelessness is sinking in

I'm bleeding out for you”

Describes Antonio's willingness to sacrifice himself for Bassanio's happiness.

Chasing the Sun - The Wanted

“I'm better

So much better now

I see the light, touch the light,

We're together now

Look to the skies, give me life

Until forever comes

They said this day wouldn't come

And now it feels so amazing

I'm never down

Live forever, forever

With you around”

Describes the moment when Jessica runs away with Lorenzo.

Chasing Pavements - Adele

“I've made up my mind, don't need to think it over

If I'm wrong I am right, don't need to look no further

This ain't lust, I know this is love

Waiting as my heart drops and my back begins to tingle

Finally could this be it?”

Bassanio as he considers which casket to choose.

Can You Feel the Love Tonight - The Lion King

“The sweet caress of twilight

There's magic everywhere

And with all this romantic atmosphere

Marriage's in the air

Can you feel the love tonight?

The world, for once, in perfect harmony


So many things to tell her

The truth about my past? Impossible!

She'd turn away from me


He's holding back, he's hiding

Why won't he be the king I know he is

The king I see inside?”

This describes the ensuing lovebird atmosphere after Bassanio chooses the right casket, but he is initially uncertain about revealing his financial situation.

Clouds - Zach Sobiech

“Well I fell down, down, down

Into this dark and lonely hole

And I needed a way to climb and grab a hold of the edge

You were sitting there holding a rope

And we'll go up, up, up

It won't be long now, it won't be long now

If only I had a little bit more time with you

And everything would be just right

And maybe someday I'll see you again

We'll float up in the clouds and we'll never see the end”

The situation where Antonio hears that his ships have been wrecked and requests to see Bassanio once more. Bassanio's mere presence gives Antonio the closure he needs to accept his fate.

Bad Blood - Bastille

“And these little things define you forever, forever

All this bad blood here, won't you let it dry?

It's been cold for years, won't you let it lie?

If we're only ever looking back

We will drive ourselves insane

As the friendship goes resentment grows

We will walk our different ways”

Relates to the dynamic between Christians and Jews. Neither are willing to give up the past and resolve this conflict.

Billionaire - Bruno Mars

“I wanna be a billionaire so freakin' bad

Buy all of the things I never had

Oh, I swear the world better prepare

For when I'm a billionaire”

Describes Shylock's love for and obsession with money.

Carry on Wayward Son - Kansas

“Once I rose above the peasants and Christians

I was soaring ever higher

But I flew too high

Though my eyes could see, I still was a blind man

Though my mind could think, I still was a mad man

And if I claim to be a wise man, well

It surely means that I don't know

I set a course for winds of fortune

But lost it all, carry on

Now your life's empty

surely hell waits for you”

Shylock had everything to gain but unfortunately for him lost everything instead.