All about Lebanon Lawyers

Lebanon lawyers are those attorneys who have their practice based in Lebanon. They are fully equipped in dealing with any kind of legal care that you may need, be it divorce, preparing and executing a will, consumer protection, personal injury, social security, disability, bankruptcy, dispute resolution, child custody or any other situations where in legal aid is necessary.

Lebanon lawyers are qualified, registered and experienced

You can trust any type of your case with Lebanon lawyers as they come with all the necessary qualifications need for a lawyer to practice in Lebanon, along with skill, expertise, honesty and sincerity. In Lebanon, you will find two Bar associations, situated in Beirut and Tripoli. It is mandatory that the lawyers in Beirut Lebanon are registered with the Beirut Bar Association but those practising in Northern side can register with the Tripoli Bar Association. If a lawyer does not get the due registration in any of these associations, he is not allowed to practice. Also, it is mandatory that the lawyer has his own office.

Ideally, the individual should have crossed the age of 20 but should not be over 65. They have to honourable citizens of the country and their conduct should display trust and respect. Also, if a person has been dismissed from his job for reasons such as lack of honor or integrity, such persons cannot be in the legal profession.
There are also various other stipulations for Lebanon lawyers. For example, they are not allowed to occupy any public office. But they can be members of the Parliament or the municipal council. Lebanon lawyers also cannot in addition to their legal profession can partake in any profit making ventures, be it trade or any other professions. All they can practice is law.

If a lawyer wishes to join politics or become the prime minister of the country, he or she can do so provided they discontinue their legal profession and inform the Bar Associations of which they are members, accordingly. Also, they cannot be a part of any profit making or otherwise corporate company.

Lebanon lawyers are also expected to undertake their duties with full sincerity, honesty and with honor. They are expected to provide due legal aid to their clients as per the provisions of the law. Of course, it is also stipulated that the Lebanon lawyers will not accept any type of mandates from the rival client and should not be providing any types of help, advice or counselling, even after the case comes to an end.

Lebanon lawyers are bound by secrecy and they cannot ever divulge any part or even slight information regarding the case, not during the case or not after the case comes to an end. Never.

Thus with so many rules and regulations for the Lebanon lawyers, you can entrust them with your case with full trust and faith. They are skilled and experienced to handle all types of cases, be it simple or complicated. Trust the lawyers to return your relaxed smile soon enough.