8th Grade Newsletter

October 16, 2020


The 8th grade teachers look forward to meeting with you to discuss your child's progress during our virtual parent teacher conferences taking place November 4 and 5.

  • Please use the following video tutorial to learn how to navigate the sign up process and the link below to sign up with your child's teachers.



Spanish - Mrs. Lackey

8th graders will continue to describe themselves and others in Spanish using rules of adjective agreement. We are doing an activity that pulls the A and B group together, where students create a recording introducing themselves in Spanish. Next week they will respond to a classmate's introduction. This will be an assessment grade.

  • 1st quarter ends October 23rd, so any missing work/retakes must be completed before that date!

Art - Mr. Elliott

This week in art, students finished glazing their tiles and began applying layers of paper mache strips to a mask mold. Next week students will continue to add more layers of paper mache to their mold.

Social Studies - Mrs. Marshall

We have begun our unit over Colonial America. The kids have completed their introductory lessons over vocabulary and map work. We will be learning about Roanoke, Jamestown and Pocahontas next week. These topics are pretty interesting!

  • The students will have a Colonial America Quiz #1 on Wednesday 10/21 (Group A) and Thursday 10/22 (Group B). I have attached the Study List for this quiz.
  • As a reminder, all retakes for the Age of Exploration Unit Test must be completed by Friday 10/23.

Physical Education - Coach Milne

We are continuing our Archery Unit and will be participating in it for the next couple of weeks. We are also still working on our Virtual PE Notebooks which will be ongoing throughout the semester.

Algebra and Geometry - Mr. Cerutti


Students are testing Friday (10/16) and Monday (10/19) over their first unit of study - rational numbers, equations, and inequalities.

Students are testing Tuesday (10/20) and Wednesday (10/21) over their first unit of study - fundamentals of geometry such as reasoning and proofs.


Math - Mr. Cerutti, Ms. Klingele, Mrs. Morelock

Students have begun working on integer operations and scientific notation. They will continue this work next week.


Band - Mrs. Chesney

8th Grade Band students have been working really hard on music for Step-Off Night this week and we've made a lot of progress! As a reminder, Step-Off Night is Wednesday, October 28th at 6:30pm at Pirate Stadium.

  • Students will need their lyre/flip folder beginning next week so we can adapt to using those to hold music while playing.
  • Please look over the Step-Off information Letter attached below.

Choir - Mrs. Duffy

"Soundtrack of My 2020" Year Project

Students began working on a project titled "Soundtrack of My 2020 Year" in class this week. This project has students reflecting on memories and events that have occurred during their 2020 year that are significant or stand out to them. They are then asked to assign a song to each of these events and support their decision based on the relevance of the song's connection to the event or memory. Detailed instructions and examples have been posted in their Choir Google Classroom. They may work on this project at home and on their virtual days, but are also being given time on their in person days to complete it in class.

  • The project will be due at midnight on Wednesday, October 21st for A Day students and Thursday, October 22nd for B Day students.


Please have your student check their grades this week before the end of the quarter. If your student is missing any choir assignments from their virtual or in person days, they can still be made up and turned in for full credit as long as they are submitted before the end of the quarter on Friday, October 23rd.

Please email me at rollsa@platteco.k12.mo.us if you have any questions or concerns!


ELA - Mrs. Crowley

In ELA this week, students were introduced to Strunk & White's The Elements of Style. They learned about rule #1 and the apostrophe. Students will be assessed over this rule toward the end of next week.

  • The capitalization retake will be offered on Tuesday and Wednesday.

In reading, students were given the guidelines and rubric for their first book talk on October 27/28. Students should be concluding their second independent reading book this quarter and preparing for their book talks. Next week, students will continue reviewing plot, tone, and theme.


PLTW: App Creators - Mrs. Delaney

Students have been working to modify the view and control layers of the Germ Guide App. So far, they have worked with linear programs, but next week we will move on to conditional, non-linear algorithms. They will be focused on writing algorithms and making flowcharts for everyday tasks until they master that process. After that, they will apply their skills to writing programs that include conditions.

  • As always, students should check Google Classroom for assignments on virtual learning days.


Science - Ms. Gunther

Students are becoming chemical bonding experts! They have been busy practicing drawing diagrams and writing formulas for ionic and covalent bonds. Ask your child to tell you the differences between each type of bond and/or have them demonstrate an ionic bond between a metal and nonmetal or a covalent bond between two nonmetals.

  • The assessment over the first twenty elements will take place next week.
  • Check out Flavia practicing the first 20 elements on her virtual day! You ROCK, Flavia!
Song for the First 20 Elements

Enjoy listening to students from 4B sing our student created song for the first twenty elements of the periodic table!




Character Strong: Student Dares


Support Your Pirate Athletes!


This year's football teams have been having a terrific season! Both A and B teams have only had one loss and will be facing off against Kearney on Tuesday, October 20 for their final contests. The games will be played at Kearney Middle School starting at 5:00 p.m. Good Luck, Gentlemen!
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On Monday, October 19, the PCMS interscholastic volleyball team will have their final volleyball match against Smithville. The match will begin at 4:00 and will be played at Smithville Middle School. Then on Saturday, October 24, they will be concluding their season participating in an end of the season tournament. Good luck, Sophia!

Cross Country

A huge shout out to all the Barry student athletes who participated in this year's cross country season!
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How to Use Google Classroom for Parents

In this video parents and guardians will learn everything they need to know in order to best support their students with using Google Classroom.