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Benefits of Hard Money Broker over Traditional Lending Institutions

Hard money lending companies are those that offer a specialized type of collateral backed loan. They usually offer short term loans to individuals or companies based on the value of the collateral. Hard money broker provides residential short-term as well as commercial short-term loan to borrowers looking to get immediate cash outside the traditional lending matrix.

Hard money lenders tend to make it easier for the borrower to quickly get access to their required amount of money by offering flexible underwriting, competitive pricing with quick closure and non-FICO driven approval process! Private money brokers will offer a range of requirements on how much they will lend, what types of real estate they will lend the money for (commercial, residential, multi-family, land, etc.) and minimum and maximum loan amount.

One of the premier private lending institutions in the United States is Sequoia Mortgage Capital. It is a certified Bay Area Green Business focused on funding loans that other lenders turn down. The team operates from their headquarters building in downtown San Anselmo and specializes in short-term loans secured by California real estate. Real estate lending is their only business and they are committed to exceeding their client’s expectations all the time.

Residential Loans

Sequoia Mortgage Capital understands most private money residential loans are short term in nature and that borrowers always look for an easy process to get the money on time. When a transaction fails to fit the traditional lending guidelines, Sequoia can be the ideal choice. They have a streamlined underwriting process. Each loan is well structured to meet the needs of a borrower and therefore their pricing and loan terms vary with each scenario. As the best hard money broker, Sequoia offers immediate access to capital through flexible underwriting, competitive pricing starting at 7.99% and 2 points, quick closure, and non-FICO driven approval process. Residential loans offered can range to up to $3,000,000+ with loan to value for up to 65%! Moreover, no prepayment penalty is required, and you can take loan for up to 10 years

Sequoia considers all types of residential properties including multi-family, investment properties, mixed use, second homes, etc. You can ask for money for any purpose, and the best thing about private money lending is that you can even borrow money against properties listed for sale! This type of loan is perfect for transitional “Bridge” financing, for acquisition of discounted properties and for restructure debt, settlements, divorce or buy out partners.

Sequoia Mortgage Capital offers fast response with just a single business day turnaround.

Commercial Loans

To capitalize on profit opportunities and preserve valuable business relationships, a commercial enterprise often needs money. Sequoia can be your ideal choice when your transaction does not fit traditional guidelines. This private money broker firm offers quick money by following a streamlined underwriting process, giving competitive pricing starting at 8.99% and 2 points, and quick closure followed by a non-FICO driven process.

Borrowers can take up to $3,000,000+ as loan with loan terms for up to 10 years! Besides, debt service coverage ratio is less than 1.0 with no penalty for prepayment of loan.

All types of properties are considered for commercial loans, including multi-family, office, retail, industrial, mixed-use, mini-storage, etc.

Author Bio: Sequoia Mortgage Capital is a leading Hard Money Broker offering quick, flexible loan solutions to its borrowers.

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