Mrs. Nelson's Science Class

6th Grade Physical Science

What are we doing this week?

Monday: We are still on our Atoms Mini Unit. Today we built on our knowledge of Protons, Neutrons, Electrons, Atomic Numbers, Atomic Mass and the Nucleus to study Bohr models and Lewis structures. What smart 6th graders!!

Tuesday: Today we will start construction our mini periodic table. We need to fill out our element cards and place the cards in the proper order.

Wednesday: Today we will continue work we started Tuesday on our mini periodic table. Our table will be due on Monday, Dec 14 ( same day as our quiz).

Thursday: Students will be on the computers today playing with virtual atomic labs, we will be building atoms and learning more about atomic structure and atomic theory.

Friday: Today is a review day for our Atoms Quiz on Monday, Dec 14th. The study guide is in their blue packets and information will be on schoology.

PARENTS and STUDENTS, please check schoology EVERY NIGHT for homework, especially if you are absent.

Mrs. Nelson's Class Schoology Link:

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