Let's Get Appy!

J2 Training - Joan Gore and Janet Corder

A Few of Our Favorite Apps


Sparkle Fish - free + in-app purchases
Endless Reader
Trading Cards
Story by Disney
Write About This ($3.99)
Tell About This ($2.99)

Spelling City
Dictionary and Thesaurus
ABC Magic 2
Ace the SAT
The Raven
BookCaps Study Guides

Alphabet Flashcards

10 Apps for Math Fluency
Free Math Apps by Grade Level
CyberChase Shape Quest
My Script Calculator
My Script MathPad (upper level)
Chicken Coop Fractions
Photo Math
Sushi Monster
Ace Kids Math Games
Secondary Math Apps - list of free apps from TCEA
Elementary Math Apps - list of free apps from TCEA

Quiver Animal Cell - You will need to print the cell coloring page from the Quiver website.
Quiver Volcano - You will need to print the volcano coloring page from the Quiver website.
Explorium - Ocean
iBiome - Wetlands ($2.99)
My Incredible Body ($4.99)
Crazy Gears ($1.99)
Water Cycles ($1.99)
Benny Bones ($1.99)

Meet Science: Magnetism and Electricity ($4.99)

Elements 4 D (need to print 4D Cubes)
Spacecraft 3D (need to print the target image)
Powers of Minus 10 - Bone (99 cents)
Virtual Heart
Essential Skeleton 4
Science Glossary
iLab Timer (99 cents)
Vernier Video Physics ($4.99)
The Chemical Touch (99 cents)
Science 360 for iPads
TCEA List of Science Apps

Social Studies
Quiver World Map - You will need to print the cell coloring page from the Quiver website.

This Day in History

Oregon Settler

Early Jamestown

Whole Wide World

The Oregon Trail

European Exploration

The Revolution - The Interactive Guide

Atlas 2015

History Line

The Presidency

Continents & Oceans

National Geographic Today

Puzzleography: World Geography Puzzle Game

Mt. Rushmore Virtual Tour

Free Must-Have Apps for Social Studies by TCEA

Social Studies and History Apps

Tap and Sing
Magic Piano
Brushes 3
Piano Lesson
Ear Trainer Lite
Coaches Clipboard Pro
Coach My Video

BrainPOP: Película del Día

Endless Spanish

Spanish Essentials

Generic - Works for Most Subjects
Shadow PuppetEDU (free with in-app purchases)
Stick Pick ($3.99 app)
Google Earth (free)

Tellagami (free with in-app purchases)

Sock Puppets (free with in-app purchases)
ChatterPix Kids
Squiggle Fish ($2.99)
Groovy Grader
Decide Now ($0.99)
Trading Cards
iMovie ($4.99)

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