Mindful Diner

Eating is a necessity, but enjoying is an art.

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What happens when you really pay attention to the food you are eating?

This question will be answered by you on this mindful diner, because you will experience first hand what happens when you truly give your attention to the food. This experience will be guided by Manna, so you can add some new dimensions to your meal.

The diner will take place in a beautiful house, located in Amsterdam-West. There will be room for only twelve people to join, six at the table and six in the lounge area. You can tell us which you prefer when making the reservation.

The food is created from a macrobiotic vision and will be plant-based, organic and sugarfree, so you can enjoy the natural flavours that nature produces for us.

Are you ready to treat yourself on an evening of relaxation and good food?

Costs for the total evening will be €35,00 per person, including drinks.

We can't serve any alcohol.

Mindful Diner

Friday, Feb. 13th 2015 at 6:30pm

21 Kortenaerstraat

Amsterdam, NH

Door will be open at 18.00.

Joris Holtermans

Joris is a macrobiotic chef with his company Joricious Delicious. He will make you the delicious and suprising dishes, which he will prepare for you in the open kitchen.

Manna Landegent

Manna is Mindfoodness trainer and organiser/host of the Mindful diner. During the evening she will guide you through the mindful experience.


This beautiful girl is our co-host this evening. She really loves visitors and will make you feel right at home.