Pella High School Updates

March 26, 2020

PHS Online Learning Opportunities

High School Parents/Guardians and Students:

Pella Community Schools will begin posting online learning opportunities for all students beginning Monday, March 30.

To access the online learning opportunities, visit the learning hub at:

Online Learning Opportunities:

The "Online Learning Opportunities" link goes live on Monday. It will allow you to quickly navigate to a grade or building level and link to a variety of online learning opportunities for your students.

  • None of these online learning opportunities are required nor will they be graded (except College Credit Classes). They are offered as a way to help students continue to grow during this time away from school.

  • Teachers will be available electronically to help your students if they have questions. This varies by building so please check the learning hub for details.

  • Online Learning Opportunities will be linked for each class. You will be able to navigate the high school hub by finding your teacher under their department. Each class will contain a link to a Google Classroom or other online learning opportunities. Parents/Guardians-you can only view the google classroom if your son/daughter is signed in on that device.

  • Online Learning Opportunities will look different for each high school class. Students may contact your teacher via email if you have any questions on the learning opportunity. Some teachers will use a tool called Google Hangout Meet. Here is a quick tutorial for students if they have any questions: How to use Google Hangouts Meet


Mid-Term grades will be posted on April 3rd from work that was completed prior to Spring Break for all classes.

  • All assignments that were assigned prior to spring break will be graded and entered into the gradebook for the mid-term calculation.

  • Mid-Term letter grades will reflect progress prior to the COVID-19 precautions and the school closure.

  • Students who have missing work prior to spring break are encouraged to make up that work before we return on April 13. Students will work with individual teachers on the process to make-up missing work or complete any retake process.

  • Grades will NOT be given for the online learning opportunities during the school closure (except for College Credit Classes)

  • College credit courses will follow the grading guidance of the college. The learning opportunities associated with those courses will be required for college credit to be granted. Please follow the guidance of your course instructor.

We are excited to navigate these online learning opportunities together. We encourage our students to participate in these opportunities to continue to learn and grow. The Pella High School Staff misses our students and we are excited to connect again virtually next week!


Adam Beckel and Derek Schulte

Important Dates

3/23-4/10 - School Closure due to Covid-19 Precautions

4/3 - Final Day of Quarter 3

4/6 - Quarter 4 Begins

4/13 - Hopeful Return to School

TBD - We will keep you posted as new information and guidance comes.

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