By: Art Spiegelman


Maus is a non fictional World War Two book, based off of recalls of a mans life in 1958. It talks about the nice relationship between Vladek and Lucia. But Lucia becomes a trader and get both her and Vladek in trouble with nazis. They go through concentration camps and train carts. Vladek and his brother go on a crazy death trip to save Lucia.


A man named Vladek meets a beautiful girl named Lucia. They had much in common like family traditions and friends. She was every thing to Vladek. Until a cold day in 1958. She came to visit but she had a package. Vladek asked what was in it but there was no answer. She walked into my brothers office, and set it under the shelf. She was quit the rest of the day. Vladek asked her again about the package. Then she slapped him. They went to bed but no one could expect what was going to happen tomorrow. Vladek was in his office with a nice fresh morning cup of coffee. There was a violent knock on the door. He answered and was thrown on the ground by nazis. They asked for a package. Vladek thought about Lucia. "Where is it" said a big and strong nazi. Vladek cam to find out that Lucia was working with the nazis. There was pictures and notes of plans of the nazis. Lucia was takin to a consecration camp in the next town. Even though what she did was wrong, he still loved her. Vladek and his brother went to the next town to get Lucia back.


My theme is being a trader and forgiving. I chose these to because in the story Lucia worked with the nazis and got them both in trouble. But Vladek wanted to get Lucia back, even though what she did was terrible.


I thing this book is helpful for real life situation. What I would say is to never hold a grudge no matter how bad the situation is.