What was the Aparthied?

The Apartheid is all the segregation that was going on. Segregation is separation of the whites and blacks. Not only were they separated but, Whites had all the power and ruled the black Africans. The Blacks had no say in what they wanted, they didn't have nice things and nice houses. The whites got the better of everything. Blacks wanted a change and tried to stop the whites from what they were doing and protested, they wanted all the rights to be equal.

When and where was all of this happening?

The Aparthied occurred between 1948 through 1993, not to long ago! This all happened in South Africa.

Important people of the Apartheid.

  • Nelson Mandela~ He tried very hard to get the rights to be equal. When the rights were finally equal, he got elected president of South Africa.

  • F. W. de Klerk~ was the last State President of Apartheid serving from September 1989 to May 1994. De Klerk was also leader of the National party. He also helped Nelson Mandela get out of jail when he was arrested.

Important Events

  • 1899