ELPAC Information

for Parents of English Learners

(ELPAC) English Language Proficiency Assessment for California

Collegewood 2020/2021 ELPAC Preparation

Dear Parents,

Your child will be taking the (ELPAC) English Language Proficiency Assessment for California. Students in grades TK-5th are currently receiving language acquisition support during the school day from Mrs. Chin, Mrs. Medore and Ms. O’Donnell. Support is provided in different ways.

  • Teacher or Instructional Aide pushing into Zoom classes
  • Small group instruction on Google Meets for 30 min sessions
Language support focuses on the 4 domains; Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. These domains will be assessed on the ELPAC. Students are also learning great test-taking tips and using the online practice test to help them review questions in preparation for the ELPAC test this spring. Click on the link HERE to visit the ELPAC practice site so that you can familiarize yourself with the different types of questions at your child's grade level.

If you any questions about the ELPAC please contact Ms. O'Donnell

email: lodonnell@wvusd.org call (909)598-5308

How You Can Help Your Child

Do not attempt to help your child with this test. If parents help their children take the test it will provide inaccurate information and might keep your child from getting the help he or she needs. The best way you can help your child to be successful on the ELPAC test is to make sure their technology is working properly. Prior to testing, please make sure that you check your child's device to ensure it is working properly. Here is a list of things to check:

1. Volume- make sure that the volume on the computer works well. Students should know how to raise or lower their volume on the device.

2. Headphones- if your child has headphones, this will help them to stay focused and on task during the test. Make sure the volume is clear when wearing the headphones and that your child has practiced wearing their headphones prior to the test. Headphones are not optional.

3. Check that their video is able to turn on and that your child can see the screen when their teacher shares their video or a screen.

4. Microphone- make sure that your child's microphone is working properly. Their teacher should be able to hear them clearly when they answer a question in class.

5. Internet connection: Make sure you have a good internet connection. Your child should be able to hear and see their teacher clearly throughout the day on zoom.

6. VERY Important: Students in Grades 3rd-5th- if your child is using their own personal device you will need to download a secure browser onto their device to take the test. Please see the video below to learn how to download a secure browser.

Downloading a Secure Browser- Windows (English)

Downloading a Secure Browser- Mac (English)

Downloading a Secure Browser (Mandarin)

*If you are using a district-issued Chromebook you do not need to download a secure browser.

ELPAC Overview

Watch the video below to see what remote testing will be like for a child in 3rd through 5th grade. At Collegewood, we cover all of these things during our ELPAC Preparation, but it might be helpful if you sit down with your child and watch the video together, in case they have any questions. If you or your child have any questions please contact Ms. O’Donnell.
How to Take a Remote Test

All English Learner students will be taking the ELPAC test this spring. The test will be given during the school day via Zoom. Each student will be tested in reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

All students in grades TK-2nd grade will be given the test one-to-one via Zoom.

In TK and K the test examiner will log into your child's zoom session, with their teacher, and will take your child into a breakout room. In grades 1st and 2nd the students will join the test examiners’s Zoom link. In grades TK-2nd, all testing is done one-to-one, so a test examiner will log students into the test and help students input their answers through all 4 sections. There is no time limit for this test. Most students are able to finish 2 sections at a time. The test examiner will make sure to watch your child for fatigue and will ensure that your child does their best on the test.

Students in 3rd-5th grade take their test in a small group for the listening, reading, and writing sections of the test via Zoom, during the school day. The speaking section of the test will be administered in a one-to-one setting. On the day of their test, students will log off of their teacher's zoom session and log into another zoom session with a staff member. Students have information about the ELPAC in their teacher's google classroom under the topic ELPAC. This information includes the zoom link and their grade level testing dates.

Testing Schedules


All four sections of the ELPAC will be administered by Ms. O’Donnell, and Mrs. Chin. Please click on your child's grade level below to see their ELPAC Testing Schedule. All testing will be done during the day between 8:00 am and 12:30 am via Zoom. A test examiner will meet your child in a breakout room at some point during the highlighted weeks. There is no time limit for this test. The test examiner will administer the test in small sections until your child has successfully finished the exam.

3rd Grade

The listening, reading, and writing sections of the test will be administered by Ms. O’Donnell via Zoom. Please click on the grade level symbol to see the dates of testing. The speaking section of the test will be given one-to-one in the month of April. We will be sending home that schedule at a later time.

4th and 5th Grade

The listening, reading, and writing sections of the test will be administered by a staff member via Zoom. 4th-grade students will be assessed on speaking on March 3rd. The speaking section of the test will be given one-to-one throughout the week.