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Teen breaks out of juvenile facility with only a computer!

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In Brookmont, Maryland a young and intelligent teen by the name of Sam Wilson gets admitted to Recton Hall Juvenile Detention Center. He is charged for hacking Washington D.C, because he was was tricked into entering a hacking convention that was really a trap by the government which resulted in a severe consequence. He doesn't plan to stay, so he must figure out what to do, and fast. Sam, being independent and quiet tries his best to avoid anybody, but he ends up running into a friendly and outgoing fellow inmate named Jase who goes by the nickname of "Kiwi". They soon become good friends, and Kiwi gives him tips about surviving in Recton and that's when Sam finds out that the facility has computers. Its not long before Sam uses his hacking skills to unravel a plan to escape, and he needs Kiwi on his side. After some time, he makes his plan a reality and with the help of his friend, he escapes Recton by passing the guards and even avoiding another officer that almost shot him! His whereabouts are unknown to the press, but we'll try to keep the news updated on the teen criminal's wild escape. One thing for sure, is that you shouldn't underestimate the power of a single computer, and hacker.

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Advice With Abi

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The official Neuro News advice column

Dear Abi,

I desperately need advice on how i should deal with my current situation. I have this friend named Fargas and he's been my best friend for a very long time, and he recently got a Neuro Headset to enhance his gaming experience on his computer. Unfortunately i had some issues to attend to far from home and away from him also. When i came back, so much has changed. One minute he's completely fine, and the next he's in the hospital in horrible health, with a gaming addiction that has the possibility of killing him. I want to help him, but i'm not sure what to do and i want to get him back to reality again by hanging out with him and showing him where I've been staying at, but i don't have the time and i have a very demanding job that can't interfere with anyone else. I don't really have much time to be back in my home town either, because i have moved for some really important reasons. Also, he is stuck in the hospital for another week! Is there anything more i can do?

- S

Dear S,

I am deeply sorry for your friend, and i hope he is doing better. Your life seems tough right now, but i can tell that your friend really needs you. I think you should make an effort to reach out for him, talk to him, convince him to stay away from the computer, and make most of whatever time you have left with him before you leave to your new far away home. Besides trying to help him stray away from his addiction, the best thing you can do is just be there for him as a friend and someone who cares about his health and safety. Try to visit him as often as you can, and i would stay in contact him through email or the phone, but it might be best to not bring him towards technology right now. Try to show him the beauty of reality and friendship, outside of the digital world. For his health, that should be left for trusted doctors. I really hope things work out, and that you stay positive for yourself and your friend. I'm glad that he has a friend like you who is willing to help him, and i wish both of you the best of luck.



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Help wanted for a dog walking job! I need to go on a urgent business trip in Las Vegas for classified reasons, and i will leave for most of the day and i will leave at noon and will return late evening. My dog, Cinnamon, will be already fed so all i need done is him to be walked, and please make sure he goes to the restroom. I am willing to work with you for the price. For more information, contact me at

The Monthly Movie review

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What you need to know in this month's Neuro News movie review!

Cast of Main Characters:

  • Ross Lynch as Sam
  • Jennifer Lawrence as Vienna
  • Theo James as Dodge

Cast of Supporting Characters:

  • David Henrie as Fargas
  • Jason Earls as Tyler

Introducing... a movie based on the magnificent book written by Brian Falkner...

presenting a new and exciting movie coming out this week in theaters near you... called Brainjack.

In a futuristic world, the world recovers from a terrorist attack in Las Vegas and everyone is starting to resume their normal lives, except Sam, the main character's life isn't as normal as it seems. Sam lives the average teen life besides the fact that he's a highly intelligent hacker who ends out getting in big trouble with his numerous hacking schemes, Soon enough he gets recruited to work for the government as a new problem with the new mind operated Neuro Headsets is rising in the digital world. Filled with adventure, sadness, happiness, and everything in between, Him and his fellow co workers, which are also his friends like Dodge and Vienna, assist him on a journey to not only save his friends, but also to save the whole country, and possibly the world.

Me, as the writer of this review can definitely say that this movie is probably one of the best action packed and intriguing films I've ever seen. The book was simply fantastic and the movie actually sticks with same amazing plot, and it gives you a sense of wonder and fascination and will bring you in to want more! I feel in love with the characters, and it felt like i was right there in every nail biting, gut wrenching, or relieving and pleasing experience, Also, the acting was flawless in my opinion as the actors seemed to portray the main and supporting characters amazingly, and overall the film and also the book were just simply breath taking from start to finish, and i hope that others will enjoy this movie and have a great experience similar to mine.

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