Emilee's Poems

Poems 2012-2013

My bio poem

Name: Emilee

Who is: generous, kind, helpful, funny

Daughter of: Ruth and Travis

Lover of: kittens and puppies

Who fears: small places and spiders

Who needs: a labtop and vacations

Giver of: kindness and fun

Who would like to see: Hawaii and California

Resident of: Harlan

Last name: R

Shape Poem ( Friendship)




pillow fights,



And bike riding

Haiku poem

My best friend is nice

My friends name is julia

My friend likes to hang

My couplet poems

One sunny day.

I went to play.

I like to ride my bike.

I also like to hike.

Do you want to play.

Maybe not to day.

My limeriek poem

There once was a bunny named Jim

I became very attached to him

I took him to school

They thought he was cool

And he became best friends with Tim!!!

My diamante poem

Junie B. Jones

funny, imaginative

mean, annoying, sassy

student, girl, parrtner, girl

explores, adventureous,brave

smart, caring


Acrostic poems

Fun in the sun

Running into fun

Inviting friends over

Excited to be friends

Non stop fun

Do your job to be friends

Slumber parties

Having fun with friends

I love my friends

Playing with friends

My cinquain poem


Nice, Funny

Sporty, Fast, Pretty

My Favorite Friend Forever!!!