10/17 - 10/21

5 Weeks until Thanksgiving Break!!

I hope you were able to get some rest and have some fun over the 3 day weekend. Hard to believe that 4 day work weeks could be so hard...but they often are.

10/19: Seminar #2 is mandatory for all 1st year teachers at the district office. Any 2nd year or intern teachers are more than welcome to attend as well. I have talked with many of you about the different break out sessions that will be offered. There will be sessions on special ed, academic conversations in the classroom, down and dirty classroom management and MAP/Illuminate Q & A; you can choose the session that best fits your need. We will also spend some time focused on teaching practices and the CSTP's, using your observation feedback and your own reflections on your practice, to do some goal setting for the year.

Enjoy your weekend and TAKE TIME FOR YOU!!! :-)

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