Star girl:Abby Hollingsworth

Good things always come to an end.


Leo-A boy at MAHS that has a show called Hot Seat. He falls in love with this new girl that came to MAHS that everybody  likes and then everybody starts to not like her anymore. Stargirl-A wierd girl who is not afraid to be herself. She doesnt care that people make fun of her because of the way she dresses and her personality.

Kids Pick

My favorite part of Stargirl was when Archie and Leo went to go but Barney back.

Figurative Language

Strong Verbs

But Kevin was screaming on the phone. pg. 22 The cheerleaders gaped from the sidelines. pg. 23 The ball perched on the kicking tee. pg. 23 When the buzzer sounded for first lunch, we leaped for the doors. pg. 27 Kevin exclaimed, "Like another species!" pg. 32


Stargirl is about this new girl who comes to MAHS and she wears these wierd dresses and plays her ukulele and sings to people on their birthday. Everybody starts to like her and Leo starts to fall in love with her but after one game everybody starts to not like her except for Leo. Then Leo starts not to like her anymore but then Stargirl disappears after the prom and Leo misses her. Years later the day before Leos birthday he gets a package in the mail and its a porcupine necktie. 


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