The Common Core

& the Teacher Librarian


1. Get involved - Literacy Team and/or Steering Committee

2. WEMTA listserv

3. Create or find common repository for resources across district

4. Webinars from DPI

5. Collaboration

What You Need to Know About the Common Core State Standards

1. It will require tech integration.

2. Implementation will cause stress initially & staff will need support in finding resources.

3. Collaboration is essential.

4. Each grade builds on prior so things cannot be skipped.

ELA specific

5. For middle school and high school, content area teachers will need to be teaching reading skills within their discipline.

6. There is more of an emphasis on non-fiction & discipline specific reading, but it does not cut out fiction.

7. Text complexity is stressed. Students need to be able to use skills in complex texts. This is not a case of using simple lexile scores or grade levels, but taking into consideration the complexity of themes and layers of meaning.

8. Encourages using texts as ladders from lower complexity to higher.

9. Teachers will need to shift to using portions of texts for close critical reading rather than entire novels or they will kill the love of reading AND run out of time to teach everything.

10. There is an emphasis on using quality literature as mentor texts for writing.

11. Writing and reading are given equal weight.

Our Model

1. We began with the Curriculum Companion from CESA 7 for ELA and kept our math curriculum that has been revised with the CCSS in mind.

2. We formed a Steering Committee (a team member from each grade at each elementary & reps from middle school & high school along with reps such as LMS, reading specialist, ESOL, and random others) before school dismissed for summer

3. The Steering Committee went to a Curriculum Companion Boot camp in summer

4. Steering committee designs curriculum & rolls out

5. We tried to order little for this year: We will have a resource evaluation day this month then will order for future

6. Literacy committee also supports the CCSS implementation