Canada 2060

How will Canada be in 2060?


We will be talking about how Canada will look like in 2060. How will the demography of Canada change? Effects on birth rate, death rate etc. How will immigration change? What are some new hardships Canada could face? This report will cover all this.

Birth Rate

Canada's birth rate for 2015 is 10.28 births per 1,000 population. Canada's birth rate would decrease in the upcoming years. It is expected to decrease a lot in 2060. Now, there is less need for children. Were not farmers anymore so there is no need for too many children in the family. Also, raising babies is much more expensive now. With new technology and education being much more expensive now, I can only imagine it becoming much more costly in the upcoming years. With things such as birth control and education, unwanted pregnancy can easily be avoided.

Death Rate In 2060

I believe that the death rate of Canada in 2060 will decrease. Due to medical technology. Scientists discover new cures to diseases every year, and I can only imagine technological advancements in the future (Average of 50 new cures annually), more lives will be saved. Also, crime rate is declining, and will be declining in the future. More deaths can be prevented which will lead to a lower death rate. Death rate declining will level out the population in 2060.
Population pyramids: Powerful predictors of the future - Kim Preshoff

As you can see by this video, Canada's population will increase slowly. Canada is a more developed country and the need for children isn't increasing. If this were to continue in the later years, our population could change from 35 million to a low 40-47 million. This is because our population increase is actually far lower from 1970 and below. The death rate will then catch up to the birth rate. Canada would then have little or no population increase by 2050. But, because Canada accepts more immigrants than other countries, we are able to bring up the population growth just slightly.


To conclude, in 2060 Canada's crime rate, birth rate and death rate will slowly but surely decrease. So overall, the population will decrease slightly and level out.