pitbull are good pets



i think that pit bulls should be allowed as pets because they are intelligent, great guardians, and there easy to train
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One reason that pitbulls should be allowed as pet is because there intelligent. for a expapel my dog always memorize my car but when he sees a car he dous not memorize he barks. a nother expel is they can almost under stand u perfectly.

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great guardians

another reason pit bulls are great pets is because there great guardians on walks they make shore your OK added to there great sense of smell there the best guardian dogs out there. When they see something thats not right, they bark loud to get pepole to knowtest. Four pepole were sleep in a house and the dog woke up the pepole but he dint survive.Then 2015 a women was walking in a park then a men attcked her the dog protected her

sweet and fun and helpful

An additional reason a pit bull make a good pet is they are easy to train. For a expel it is easy to potty train them. Also to teach them want is wrong and write so they can all way do the write thing. Other may say that there the worst breed but i disagree i think there the sweets funniest dog breed. They have a lot of energy so they can play with you for a long time. one reason there helpful is they have a great sense of smell.
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See want i mean pit bull are very nice intelligent great guardians and fun and helpful and thats why i think pit bulls are The best pets.
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