Halloween Week


The student have been waiting for today for a long time. And they were fantastic!
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What We've Learned This Week

Language Arts

1. Letters Q, U, and X

  • Phonics: We focused on sounding the letters Q,U, and X through repetition and showing pictures of words that begin with the letters Q, U, and X

2. Dictionary Words

  • They colored, cut, and pasted pictures of words with initial Q, U, and X. Then they organized them alphabetically on their dictionary notebooks.

3. Sight Words

4. Story Comprehension


1. Patterns

  • Make an AB, ABB, AAB, or ABC pattern with Legos.

2. Estimation & Measurement

  • They estimated and measured items in the classroom using rulers.

3. Addition

Social Studies

1. Halloween

2. Election

  • The students were introduced to election and voting.
  • After listening to How Leo Became a King, the students were asked about the story details

They talked about how what leaders do to become leaders.


1. Skeletons

  • They listened to How Do We Move
  • We discussed the importance of bones
  • We named the skeleton bones and labeled them.


Fine Motor Skills

They practiced writing uppercase and lowercase Q, U, and X on their writing journals and on their Zaner Bloser Handwriting book.

Questions To Ask Your Child

Language Arts

  • What does the letter Q, U, or X make?
  • Name some of the words that begin with the letter Q, U, or X?
  • (Comprehension/ Social studies) How did Leo the lion become a king in the story?

Social Studies

  • What do people do on Election Day?


  • Why is the importance of bones/skeleton in your body?
  • What is the longest bone in your body?


October 30th

  • The report cards are in your child’s Homework Folder.
  • Please sign and return by November 2nd.

November 2nd

  • Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • There is no school.
  • Child care is available from 8:00-4:00.

November 3rd

  • Operation Gratitude: You can donate any extra Halloween candy to the soldiers overseas.
  • For more information, please refer to the hard copy flyer in your child’s homework folder.
  • Please send Life Touch Pictures payment or return the pictures.