Introduction to Cloud Computing

MKQ Professional Development Series


The shift to Google Apps for Business will be dramatic, but this is a good thing and should be viewed as an opportunity for your firm. It means that your partners and staff will begin to alter their day to day behavior immediately. Google’s platform is built to tie in mail, documents, messaging and your firm intranet in ways completely different from how you have been working. This type of change will encourage and require the members of MKQ to move away from their existing thinking patters and habits and to rethink how they approach everyday tasks in an innovative way. The ability to implement such change is dependent on several factors, some behavoiral and some business strategy. Most important of these factors are managment buy in and appropriate end user training. The following training module is one step toward the latter. It is meant to be only a first part of an ongoing effort to keep MKQ partners and staff effective and efficeint in their use of firm technology

Training Goals & Learning Outcomes

This two day hybrid training module comprised of one, two hour face to face instruction session and an on-line guided instruction of approximately 2-3 hours is designed to:

  1. Familiarize staff the benefits of cloud computing and the tools available through Google Apps for Business.
  2. Foster collaboration within practice groups and across office locations
  3. Introduce and promote the newly established Firm Intranet developed in Google Sites.

After completing the Introduction to Cloud Computing professional development course, MKQ staff will be able to:

  1. Explain what is meant by "cloud computing."
  2. Create and navigate folder architecture within Google Drive working both on-line and off-line
  3. Create and edit records using Google Docs.
  4. Share documents with and collaborate with colleagues on same.
  5. Discuss the range of information and tools available via the MKQ internet and incorporate its use into everyday tasks

Training Audience

This Introduction to Cloud Computing training is geared toward the Associates, Paralegal and Administrative staff who are typically the individuals who, among other things, (1) prepare first drafts of pleadings and correspondence (2) coordinate editing by multiple contributors and (3) manage firm records,

Based upon the training needs analysis and information provided by the firm's HR and IT groups, all trainees assigned to this course are at about the same level of familiarity with managing records and creating documents in the existing Microsoft platform. Prior to the switch to Google Apps, the firm did not have an intranet, so this tool, or at least this tool within the context of MKQ will be new to all trainees.

Training on Day one will take place at the Long Island office because of the availability of a large conference room with plasma TV and wifi in that location. Day Two activities will be undertaken by the trainees in their own workspaces and at their own pace. All trainees will be working on their firm issued laptops. Google Accounts have been established for all users and Google Drive Sync as well as many add-ons have already been pushed to the enterprise. Chrome is the default web-browser, with the default home page set to the new MKQ Intranet.


(detailed discussion of activities below)

Day One / 9:00 am - 11:00 am / MKQ Long Island Office Board Room

9:00-9:30: Introductions and Overview of Cloud Computing and Google Apps for Business

9:30-10:00: Google Docs -- Documents, Spreadsheets

10:00-10:30: Google Drive

10:30 -11:00: MKQ Intranet

Day Two / Trainee Workspace (office, cube, etc.) / Time to be arranged by trainees as discussed below. The activities below should take between 2-3 hours to complete

  • Intranet Quest
  • Google Drive / Document creation and management exercise
  • Collaboration exercise
  • Course Evaluation
Training Materials

Materials created for this training module and referenced below may be accessed via this link for review


9:00-9:30 / Introductions and Overview of Cloud Computing and Google Apps

Introductions: Because the trainees are drawn from 2 locations and historically staff have been "silo-ed" within their office and practice groups, despite the relatively small firm and training group size, it is not assumed that within their office and practice groups. Accordingly, time will be taken for each staff member to introduce themselves: name, position, practice area, office, and anything else they would like to share.

What is Cloud Computing? / Instructor led discussion

The week before training, attendees were directed to a blank Google Drawing. They were asked asked to share (1) their understanding of what it means to "work in the cloud" and (2) any thoughts, questions, comments and/or concerns regarding DKQ's transition to "working in the cloud". This resulting Drawing to be presented on large screen TV in conference room. Instructor to present brief introduction / lead discussion regarding Cloud Computing which has been designed to affirm accurate statements in the drawing, correct misunderstandings and answer questions posed. Emphasis to be placed on (1) collaborative nature of web based applications and their benefit to productivity (2) given the law firm context -- data security and ABA, NY and NJ ethics requirements regarding confidentiality of client information and SaaS.

Google Drawing template distributed to trainees may be found at:

9:30 - 10:00 / Google Docs: Word Processing and Spreadsheets

  1. View Video: Google Docs in Plain English: (embedded below, 3 minutes)
  2. Brief lecture: Introduction to the Google Suite of applications, including (1) comparison to Microsoft equivalents, (2) reinforcing working in the cloud, (3) expanding upon ability to collaborate touched discussed in the video. (and which will be explored through exercises in Day Two) (5-7 minutes)
  3. Trainees create one Document and one Sheet on their own (text, content not important) in order to familiarize themselves with toolbars, options, icons. Trainees to find one AddOn they think will be useful and Add it On. (15 minutes)
  4. Instructor to assign Groups for Day Two Exercises (5 minutes)
Google Docs in Plain English

10:00 - 10:30 / Google Drive

  1. Brief Lecture regarding Google Drive for storage and creation of records, incorporating screenshots of Google Drive toolbars, history, sample folder structure. (5 minutes)
  2. Trainees work in groups determined by practice area to brainstorm folder architecture most appropriate for their particular practice specialty. Groups also discuss creating a formal naming conventions for documents to be stored within each folder. (1012 minutes)
  3. Once worked out in the group, each trainee returns to his/her computer and creates the agreed upon structure in their Google Drive Folder. (8-10 minutes)
  4. Debrief: Group discussion of working with Drive; benefits of consistent folder architecture and naming conventions (5 minutes)

10:30 - 11:00 / MKQ Intranet

Trainees will work in small predetermined groups: homogenous with regard to position ( attorney, paralegal, administrative assistant) but varied as to practice area (litigation, real estate, construction) and office location (LI, NJ).

1. Groups work together to compile a list of:

  • the 5 most common technology based / assisted tasks they complete each day
  • the one most elusive resource they have had to run down within the enterprise (a benefits form, policy/procedure, on-off template, etc.)

2. One group member to be designated as scribe to compile list using Docs in the Training folder on Drive (5-7 minutes for 1&2)

3. A different group member will present the list. While s/he does so, the list will be presented on the TV (recall: Instructor's laptop is hooked up to the TV; Google Drive training folder was established by trainer and shared with training audience in advance) Repeat with all groups. Discuss commonalities, inefficiencies, etc. (10 minutes)

4. Instructor to present the MKQ Intranet on the TV and provide an overview of its contents, uses, benefits. (12-15 minutes)

5. name the Intranet: Before leaving for the day, each group must submit a suggested name for the new Intranet ... "MKQ Intranet" is kind of boring! (5 minutes)

Day Two: On-line Guided Instruction

Trainees will be working in their own workspace to complete various exercises intended to reinforce and expand upon the instruction from Day One. Directions for each exercise are in the Intro to Cloud Computing Folder on Drive previously shared with trainees.

Exercise: Intranet Quest (via Wufoo Form)

In order to familiarize themselves with and recognize the benefits of utilizing the Intranet as their first resource for firm related information, trainees will answer a series of questions, the answers to which they can only find through exploring the Intranet.

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Exercise: Working in Google Drive

1. View Screencast regarding Google Drive

2. Complete the tasks listed in Google Drive Exercise stored in Google Drive:
Course Evaluation

Prepared by: Lisa A. Morris