Austin's Five Themes of Geography

By: Abbey Cook


Come and join us for our three-day Austin City Limits music festival in Austin, Texas. This festival attracts people from all over not only for the amazing music, but also for the art and fun activies! We hope you join us on October 4-6 at Zilker Park!


Austin has a variety of wonderful attributes such as Lake LBJ during the summer and during the winter very small showers of snow! The famous Hamilton Pool is also a great place to go during the summer if you are ok with a hike full of Austin's beauty!


The location of Austin is a midpoint to most places because it is in Central Texas. It also is the Capital of Texas! It is a wonderful place that gets the best of both worlds in terms of location.


Human- Environment Interaction

In Austin, there are many place to go to enjoy the beauty of nature. Zilker Park and Barton Springs are great places to go to meet up with friends and family. Its also a place for picnics and parties of sorts. Barton Springs is also a hot spot for tourists that want to have fun in the sun.