jesse owens

He was a olympic runner

about Jesse Owens

He was born in 1913 on September 12 in Oakville, Alabama. He was a Olympic runner. Owens was good at sprints and the long jump and at his time was "perhaps the greatest and most famous athlete in track history". When he was little he loved to run through cotton fields on Alabama. As a teen he ran down the streets in Ohio.

Jesse Owens in the war

He helped African Ameracan's be a part of the war. He boycotted by talking about discrimination against athletes in foreign lands but not address the problem of it against the athletes at home. In 1936 the games were held in Berlin, Germany. Adolf Hitler, Germany's leader, was the head of the Nazi party. The Nazis hated Blacks, Jews, and others who were not true to Germans. He won four gold medals During the Olympic's.

Jesse Owens

In 1935, he made sporting history when he broke five world records and tied a sixth. One of this records, 8.13m in the long jump, would last for 25 years. In 1935 Jesse and Ruth got married. But, as Ruth was to discover, Jesse would not stay in one place for long. He was always on his way somewhere else. He died on March 31, 1980 in Tucson, Arizona.

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