Harry Potter

1. Who is Harry Potter? Describe him. What kind of person is he?

Harry is a wizard, who has had a rough life and has a strange secret within him.

He is a good person who is troubled.

2. Describe the muggles family Harry lives with. What is his life like there?

Harry lives with his Aunt and Uncle and his cousin.They treat him like crap and shut him out of everything.

3.Tell about Hogwarts school and what Harry’s life is like there?

Harrys life at Hogwarts is a lot better than in the Muggle world, but he seems to still find trouble in Hogwarts.

4. What do you like best about Harry and his friends? Describe one of their adventures.

What i like best about harry and his friends is that they always stick together even if their in big trouble.On one of there adventures they found the chamber of secrets in the the girls bathroom under the sink, where they had found a giant snake and what seemed to be was voldemort.

5. Have you read the books? Which do you like better-the movies or the books?

I have not read the books, but if I did I would like the books better.